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Running Rhino from the command line.

Summary: Explains how to run Rhino from the Windows command line with the /runscript argument

Sometimes, it would be really useful to run Rhino from the command prompt - perhaps you are batch processing some files, or maybe you need to run Rhino from a render farm management system. Rhino 4.0 provides the /runscript command line switch to allow you to do exactly this. The format is:

rhino4.exe /runscript=“-command -secondCommand

For example, if you want to start Rhino with a file called hdri_test.3dm, render it with the built in renderer, save the file and exit Rhino, here's a magic command script:

“c:\program files\Rhinoceros 4.0\system\Rhino4.exe” /runscript=“_SetCurrentRenderPlugIn RhinoRender render -saverenderwindowas test.jpg closerenderwindow -exit” hdri_test.3dm

Command line options

/safemode: Start in safe mode.

/nosplash: Suppress startup splash screen

/bigdump: When Rhino crashes, include the full contents of memory in addition to call stack information. This can generate HUGE crash dumps - as big as the amount of RAM Rhino is using when it crashes.

/notemplate: Start Rhino with a default model based on hard-coded defaults

/language: Set the startup language. For example, to start in Spanish, pass /language=1034

/scheme: Use a custom scheme. This is used by 3rd party developers that include custom skins.

/runscript: Run a script at startup. See above.

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