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Events and Rhino user meetings platform with dates, places, topics, discussion etc.

Description: On this page you can announce a Rhino user meeting. Please create a separate page for each event. On those pages you may have discussions with interested participants about content, topics, other input to create a good event.

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DateNameCity, CountryPhotos
2009, June 25Architecture et formes complexes version 1.0Paris, France
2009, May 29Rhino User Meeting LyonLyon, FranceUM Lyon 09 photos
2009, April 15Shape To Fabrication 3London, UKVideos
2009, Feb 16Rhino User Meeting BarcelonaBarcelona, SpainUM BCN 09 photos
2008, Oct 25Rhino User Meeting BassanoBassano del Grappa, Italy
2008, Sep 26FILOU Rhino TagRheda-Wiedenbruck, Germany
2008, June 191st French Rhino User MeetingParis, FranceUM_Paris_Oct_08_Photos
2008, June 12Rhino User Meeting RomaRoma, ItalyUM_Roma_Oct_08_Photos
2008, April 7-93D-Modelling Symposium - Lectures, Case Studies, Master ClassesBerlin, Germany
2007, Dec 17Milling-Technology in Architecture, Art and Design - Vienna University of TechnologyViena, Austria
2007, Dec 6Rhino User Meeting at the EuroMoldFrankfurt, GermanyEuroMold Meetings
2007, Oct 25Shape to Fabrication IILondon, UKVideos
2007, May 31Rhino for Architects User Meeting in the NetherlandsDelft, Netherlands
2007, Feb 1Rhino 4.0 & Plug-Ins Show in Barcelona by TDM Solutions & Roland IberiaBarcelona, Spain
2006, Nov 14Mets Fair Seminar Rhinomarine & Rhino 4.0Amsterdam, Netherlands
2006, Nov 9Rhino User Group Meeting - Announcing Rhino v4.0London, UK
2006, Nov 8Rhino 4.0 for Architecture & EngineeringLondon, UK
2006, June 12Geometric Design for Complex Architecture - Vienna University of TechnologyViena, Austria
2006, April 8Rhino User Meeting in the NetherlandsHaarlem Netherlands
2005, Nov 24 Rhino UK User MeetingHemel Hempstead, UK
2005, Oct 222° incontro dei Rhinocerontisti ItalianiBassano del Grappa, Italy
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