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Unable to import Rhino 5 licenses to the Zoo

Product: Zoo 5
Summary: Discusses the error you get when you try to import Rhino 5 licenses into the Zoo.


I have several licenses that I want to add to the Zoo. So, I have created a text file and added these licenses, per the instruction in the Zoo help file. I then try to import these licenses using the Zoo Administrator's File → Import command. But, when I do, I received the following error for every license:


Rhino 5 licenses cannot be imported into Zoo. This is because each Rhino 5 license must be validated. And, if you are upgrading from a Rhino 4 license, this license will also need to be provided.

The solution is to added each Rhino 5 licenses one-by-one: You can only add Rhino 5 keys one at a time to Zoo 5.

Specifically this issue is relates to the validation. Currently the validation system can only process one license at a time. Rhino 4 did not require validation for Zoo licenses, so Rhino 4 did not have the problem. A bulk validation is on the wish list.

Adding Rhino 5 licenses to the Zoo

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