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 +====== Brazil 2.0 Development ======
 +Download from http://​​brazil/​2.0/​sr/​download
 +>Brazil 2.0 for Rhino development status ​
 +=====2013-08-30:​ Service Release 3 =====
 +  * Per object and material analytic displacement.
 +  * Environment scaling added (in Brazil option, environment panel).
 +  * Defaults changes - shadows, skylight, environment sky on by default and higher anti-aliasing.
 +  * Support for Rhino 5 two-point perspective.
 +  * Thin film iridescence added to all reflection options.
 +  * Display while rendering control added to detailed system settings.
 +  * Reversed normal setting added to occlusion texture to support depth based occlusion.
 +  * Paper shader added to Brazil Advanced Material - backlighting support. ​ Good for paper lanterns, fabrics etc.
 +  * Support for Rhino ground plane in exclusion lists.
 +  * Brazil Advanced Cellular texture added.
 +  * Added Brazil Curvature Texture.
 +  * //Self// support added to Exclude lists where possible.
 +  * Override max ray depth option added to Chrome, Glass, BAM, and Porcelain.
 +  * RenderBlowup retains the previous frame buffer and renders over the top of the previous rendering if possible.
 +  * Motion blur reimplemented to work with both Bongo 2.0 and Bongo 1.0.
 +  * Improvements to BAM transparency/​opacity viewport simulation.
 +  * Allow > 100% connection values for textures.
 +  * Thin translucency texture.
 +  * Cellular texture.
 +  * Rhino 5 panel based settings UI.
 +  * Saved preset files are now displayed in the presets manager.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * GI environment blur section previews were unstable and slow.
 +  * Default light was still on when light dome present.
 +  * Custom render meshes that use the existing object material are correctly handled.
 +  * Light and sun graphics improved and several bugs fixed.
 +  * Brazil took over resolution setting while other renderers were current.
 +  * Brazil render settings panel disappeared when the renderer was changed.
 +  * Document settings did not reset when loading a 3dm file that had no previous Brazil data.
 +  * Decals with complex block transforms rendered incorrectly.
 +  * Decals did not work correctly on block inserts.
 +  * Porcelain specular color did not work.
 +  * Renderblowup command did not render the same area that has been selected in the viewport.
 +  * Physical sky environment did not respond to linear workflow correctly.
 +  * Shadow/​Light shaders were not allowed in filter slots.
 +  * Workaround for bug in Rhino 4.0 and 5 SR0 with Mask texture returning a value in the alpha channel.
 +  * Linear workflow gamma correction was incorrect for environments.
 +=====2012-11-07:​ Service Release 2=====
 +  * Support for 64-bit Rhino 5.
 +  * Support for unlimited processor cores.
 +  * Screen mapping is now supported for textures.
 +  * Full optimized clipping plane support including clipping sections and custom materials implemented.
 +  * Rhino 5 32-bit version with support for Rhino 5 specific features (like clipping plane sections).
 +  * Vertex color texture.
 +  * GI environment blur sections have more control over blur level.
 +  * Render canceling performance improved.
 +  * Pressing //Cancel// on the progress dialog reports that canceling is in progress.
 +  * Use diffuse lighting setting in Rhino 5 now supported.
 +  * Rhino 5 //Show Underside// ground plane setting is now respected if Force 2 sided is **not** on in the Renderer settings.
 +  * Geometry overlap noise eliminated.
 +  * Render settings API for third party access to render settings (including Neon).
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Fixed back face bump mapping.
 +  * Fixed incorrect normal mapping.
 +  * Fixed bump mapping on ground plane.
 +  * Clipping plane sections did not preserve the host object'​s texture mapping
 +  * Fixes crash bug in light drawing code.
 +  * Crashes where a material was used in a bump channel are now fixed.  ​
 +  * Specular component added at the end of shade for basic materials.
 +  * Basic material transparent color now supported.
 +  * Bounces are now automatically increased //under the hood// so that skylight GI is visible.
 +  * Never-active progress dialog pause button removed.
 +  * Low Priority Thread option never actually worked. ​ This has now been changed to set all rendering threads to //Below Norma//.
 +  * Emission in basic materials was not supported.
 +  * Basic materials with transparency and IOR 1.0 did not work correctly.
 +  * Removed the console to solve many threading bugs/​crashes. ​ Console output is still available in the log (see config options).
 +  * Changing mesh settings and then rendering when there are no shaded viewports active caused a crash.
 +  * Two GI environments in the composite environment didn't work.
 +  * Brazil menu items did not cancel previous commands.
 +  * Removed ContentBrowser and ViewDockBar commands from menu when running on V5.
 +  * SR2a:  Fixes a small memory leak.
 +=====2010-10-27:​ Service Release 1a=====
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Scale values in light shadows were broken in inital SR1 release. ​ Now fixed.
 +  * Beta expiry warning (64-bit) now only appears once a week.
 +=====2010-10-10:​ Service Release 1=====
 +  * Clipping plane support.
 +  * Support for Bongo 2.0 content animation (RDK4).
 +  * Content UI horizontal resizing support for Rhino 5.
 +  * Support for Rhino 5 skylight.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * //​Programmers settings// message appeared on completely clean systems.
 +  * Deleted layers still showed up in the list when applying a material to layers.
 +  * Educational lab licences failed to register properly with the Zoo.
 +  * Several memory leaks fixed.
 +  * Added a //beta has expired// message box for 64-bit builds.
 +  * Hundreds of minor bug-fixes and optimizations.
 +====Back-ported from V5 RDK====
 +  * Gamma value added to texture adjustment UI and texture adjustment texture.
 +  * Texture preview creation did not scale well on massively multicore computers.
 +  * If the question //Do you want to save the image?// was answered with //Yes, and don't show me this again//, the render window permanently insisted on saving the rendering.
 +  * There were no tool-tips on the roll-up header buttons.
 +=====2009-01-21:​ Public Beta 33 (Release Candidate 7)=====
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Porcelain material failed to create (introduced in RC6).
 +  * Pressing Escape when the rendering was stopping caused problems.
 +  * Fixed small resource leak in texture previews.
 +=====2009-01-16:​ Public Beta 32 (Release Candidate 6)=====
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Texture local mapping WCS size was limited to 1000.
 +  * BAM Basic Surface Params //Opacity// label did not change to //​Transparency//​.
 +  * Decal dialog caused a hang when it was not docked.
 +  * Files with large numbers of content items were unresponsive after loading for several minutes.
 +  * Copy/​Paste/​Import caused Output size to be reset to 640x480.
 +  * Preview scale was not preserved when saving a library file.
 +=====2009-01-02:​ Public Beta 31 (Release Candidate 5)=====
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Crash when changing a content type and then using RunScript/​Options/​Properties command.
 +  * Crash when using internal environment shaders.
 +  * //​Lacunarity//​ was misspelled in the Brazil Volumetric Environment.
 +  * //Docker// changed to //Dock Bar// in menus.
 +  * Spinners on highlight edit boxes were difficult to use quickly.
 +  * Environment override controls on materials were not available in Environment Mapped mode.
 +=====2008-12-19:​ Public Beta 30 (Release Candidate 4)=====
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Content library files were larger than required.
 +  * Spinners on angle edit boxes were difficult to use quickly.
 +  * Missing Textures dialog did not have //​Don'​t show me this again// check box.
 +  * Decals were not included in the missing textures check.
 +  * Open file dialog preview left files locked on Vista.
 +  * Crash in bitmap textures when file name was empty.
 +  * Brazil bitmap image loading was unoptimized.
 +  * Removed material edit button support until modal content editor is implemented.
 +=====2008-12-13:​ Public Beta 29 (Release Candidate 3)=====
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Support files were embedded during Cut and Copy.
 +  * Fresnel blend IOR edit box did not display the standard IOR menu.
 +  * Bitmaps from the texture cache were incorrectly being embedded or reported as missing.
 +  * Crash when processing bad mesh objects.
 +  * Decal memory use was excessive in objects with many faces.
 +=====2008-12-11:​ Public Beta 28 (Release Candidate 2)=====
 +  * Embedded files in the same folder as the 3DM file now go into a subfolder.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Bongo SR6 warning appeared even when Bongo was not installed at all.
 +  * Bongo evaluation caused crash when attempting Motion blur.
 +  * Previews were incorrect when an embedded or other //found// texture was changed.
 +  * Photons did not work correctly with bitmap bump maps.
 +  * Support files were embedded during auto-save.
 +=====2008-12-09:​ Public Beta 27 (Release Candidate 1)=====
 +  * Textures that are in sub-folders of the model directory are now found (5 levels deep).
 +  * Missing textures dialog appears before rendering if they cannot be found.
 +  * Context sensitive help added for Content Editors, materials, environments,​ textures and sun.
 +  * Renderer Shortcuts submenu added to Brazil menu.
 +  * Brazil documentation updated.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Circle inside disc area light was drawn in yellow even when not selected.
 +  * Lights were being drawn all the time even when they shouldn'​t be, e.g., in Rendered Display.
 +  * Some //Rdk// commands renamed to //Render// had not been updated on the toolbar etc.
 +  * Light undo was not implemented.
 +  * Some edit boxes got stuck at zero.
 +  * IOR menu crashed.
 +  * Brazil Advanced Material/​Brazil Glass opaque alpha check box was not needed - removed.
 +  * Texture summary edit boxes had insufficient precision.
 +  * Shadow Light black/white points were limited to 1.0.
 +  * Sun icon was ugly when grayed out.
 +  * Post-effect panel toolbar had no tooltips.
 +  * Incorrect alpha values from textures caused inverted colors when using non-grey diffuse materials.
 +  * Brazil Advanced textures tiled poorly when using EWA.
 +  * Brazil Advanced Environments allowed Brazil Advanced Environments as their own children.
 +  * Textures correctly support ray-derivitives when tiled (for anti-aliasing).
 +  * Normal map incorrectly showed as a material.
 +  * Certain fields incorrectly disabled on Adv. Global Fog environment.
 +  * Brazil LaLo environment not marked as internal.
 +  * Rare crash in render frame.
 +  * Brazil Advanced Global Fog environment had missing ray marcher modes and symmetry default was wrong.
 +  * Brazil rendered using the object material when switching back to //By Layer//.
 +  * Brightness, Contrast, Tint etc - did not correctly switch to 2-sided when required.
 +  * WCS option was not available for 2D textures.
 +  * Under some conditions, the Environment Editor showed up as a blank //​Textures//​ tab.
 +  * Object properties Receive Shadows check box had no effect.
 +  * Advanced environment planar override texture did not affect viewport preview.
 +  * Brazil Render Settings undo is now an option.
 +  * Crash when deleting penultimate Physical Sky Environment.
 +  * Preview objects were 10 times too big.
 +  * The Preview Properties dialog now allows the user to type in a units setting.
 +  * Brazil Shadow Light material custom curve check box was grayed out.
 +  * Motion blur settings had several issues which are now fixed.
 +  * Light area focus width and radius were not being set to Brazil.
 +  * Light radii were being set 2 times too big.
 +  * The //​use_global_ranges//​ parameter was set wrongly.
 +=====2008-11-20:​ Public Beta 26=====
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Out of memory while saving huge HDRi files - greatly reduced the likelihood of this happening.
 +  * Wrong size displayed in cloned render window.
 +  * The screen flashed black when rendering a large image.
 +  * Several editor menu items no longer worked because their commands had been renamed.
 +  * BAM transparency did not work correctly.
 +  * Intermittent crash when rendering.
 +  * Dragging the Sun dialog'​s year slider to the far right still sometimes caused the year to increment.
 +  * Render Cache options contrast color button did not pop up gradient picker.
 +  * Toon lock icon did not display until clicked on.
 +  * Crash when loading files with huge embedded support files.
 +=====2008-11-18:​ Public Beta 25=====
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Content thumbnail rotation was too fast.
 +  * Render Cache refilter samples value did not get saved.
 +  * In lights, ray shadow bias default value did not match normal shadow bias default value.
 +  * Brazil configuration menu item did not work correctly.
 +  * Composite environment did not work with simple children (non-textured).
 +  * Numeric edit boxes selected all the text when single-clicking causing selection confusion.
 +  * Brazil sampling settings sample clamp was limited to 10000.
 +  * Composite environment default color parameters were not wired.
 +  * Debug parameter messages were being displayed by release builds.
 +  * Light parameters //​ignore_back_occluders//​ and //​bidirectional_on//​ were not being set to Brazil.
 +  * Utility material transparency issues caused slow rendering.
 +  * HDR/​EXR/​Exposure texture exposure parameter was limited to 10.
 +  * Intermittant crash when rendering fixed.
 +  * //Rdk...// commands renamed to //​Render...//​.
 +  * Light focus hotspot/​falloff edit boxes now have a slower, linear response.
 +  * Improved the behaviour of all numeric edit boxes.
 +=====2008-11-12:​ Public Beta 24=====
 +  * Default bump type changed from Perturb to Displace.
 +  * Basic Material and simulation bump amount changed to match BAM.
 +  * Much faster rotation of preview thumbnails.
 +  * HDR and EXR images now share memory so that each file is only loaded once during a rendering.
 +  * Force 2-sided flag now on by default (considered better for Rhino).
 +  * Added //Sun Settings...//​ button to Physical Sky Environment.
 +  * Added a //Per-View Settings// button to the View options which opens the View Dock Bar.
 +  * Saving the rendered image when a special channel is displayed now asks if you want to save RGBA instead.
 +  * Added extra bulletproofing in the mesh delivery system to try to stop beta CRM plug-ins from crashing RDK/Brazil.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * DOF //Use viewport target// feature did not work correctly with named views.
 +  * Changed break angle for toon sharp-edge finding to better smooth over mesh flaws.
 +  * Bitmap and Brazil Advanced Textures previewed incorrectly with non-default local mapping.
 +  * Brazil Advanced Texture filename was displaying as //NULL//.
 +  * Brazil light widgets displayed in the editor preview thumbnails.
 +  * Crash on exit caused by HDR texture UI.
 +  * GI environment does not force environment use when Use Environment Settings is off, and uses blur when it is on.
 +  * Light photon focus warning message was being displayed even when photons were disabled.
 +  * Simple Render Cache and Photon option check boxes did not update when changed from the Luma Server.
 +  * When not reusing the render window, the window title //​Unnamed...//​ did not update.
 +  * It was possible for the render window to //appear// offscreen; i.e., not appear at all.
 +  * Default //Save As// file type was .bmp. Changed to .jpg.
 +  * Crash in textures when folder changed on disk.
 +  * The Brazil options in very old documents got reset to defaults on loading.
 +  * Memory leak in undo support for content.
 +  * Edit controls did not appear to accept values more accurate than their decimal place setting.
 +  * Many Min/Max and Start/End UI elements were not synchronized with each other.
 +  * Auto-scaling for Z-Buffer channel was inadvertantly being applied to all channels causing R,G,B and A channels to display as a solid mask.
 +  * Environments with children worked incorrectly.
 +  * Frame buffer clone did not show image size and mouse wheel did not work.
 +  * Content Browser Dock Bar library tab was visible after resizing even when it should not be visible.
 +  * Numeric edit boxes now display more sensible values and no longer insist on scrolling to the right.
 +  * Lock button icon had a tendency to appear unlocked when it was actually locked.
 +  * Output size settings lock button appeared in the wrong state after loading or when going into the modal version.
 +  * Crash when rendering certain materials with a render pass material override.
 +  * Decay limit was not set correctly, nor was the limit drawn correctly in the viewport.
 +  * Possible crash when un-checking //Primary Rays only// and using a custom render pass material. Feature is now disabled.
 +  * Render window //​stay-on-screen//​ feature did not take multiple monitors into account.
 +=====2008-11-03:​ Public Beta 23=====
 +  * Undo is now working for Brazil Advanced Texture.
 +  * Box mapped environments now preview correctly in the editor previews and viewport.
 +  * Loading contents from files now allows multiple file selection.
 +  * HDR texture makes an educated guess at the format of the HDR file depending on the aspect ratio.
 +  * Automatic projection option added to Basic Environment/​BAE - detects projection of child HDRs etc.
 +  * Files referenced by textures on materials and layers are now included in the document via the embedded file system if the option is enabled in Rendering options.
 +  * Removed color/​transparency material slot from Utility material - new design from Splutterfish. ​ Old files are automatically updated.
 +  * Added a Named Views button to the View Dock Bar. This allows quick access to Rhino'​s Named View dialog.
 +  * A message is logged when a parallel light is furnished with a cylindric focus shader for use by photons.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * In Photon options, precompute interval wasn't disabled properly, neither was filter coefficient.
 +  * Advanced Material Wax shader IOR was not working and UI element was missing.
 +  * The thumbnail order was not loaded if the document was loaded before starting the Content Editor.
 +  * Brazil //Pass Through// material did not correctly handle transparent shadows.
 +  * Packing support files did not remove duplicates under all circumstances.
 +  * Degree symbol did not display on Chinese, Japanese and probably other systems that need Unicode.
 +  * Light Shadow //Level// and //Tint// values could not go negative.
 +  * Some sun dialogs looked ugly when the window was narrow.
 +  * Depth of field PEP focal distance edit box did not work.
 +  * Glare PEP Photometric check box was enabled wrongly.
 +  * Brazil Advanced Material 2-sided setting default changed to //base shader decides//.
 +  * SunLight command sun parameters did not default to the same as the default sun.
 +  * Luma Server skylight color and texture controls were not disabled when Use Environment was on.
 +  * Skylight override shader was not correctly implemented - behaviour now matches reference version.
 +  * Composite environment children did not affect environment overrides...fixes GI environment as child of composite.
 +  * Matte material reflection did not work.
 +  * The Ground Plane material wasn't included in the content usage count.
 +  * SDK functions CRhRdkObjectDataAccess::​RemoveDecal() and CRhRdkObjectDataAccess::​RemoveAllDecals() were not implemented.
 +  * Old documents created before settings sets were implemented could not use .bzpreset files.
 +  * Glossiness edit boxes were too narrow.
 +  * Light attenuation cones were not displayed in units.
 +  * HDR/EXR file loading was not thread-safe.
 +  * RenderWindow/​RenderInWindow did not render the current view if a custom view was set.
 +=====2008-10-27:​ Public Beta 22=====
 +  * Sampling grid failsafe added - Brazil will not attempt to render with image sampling/​bucket size settings that are likely to make it run out of memory.
 +  * Increased preview speed on multithreaded machines.
 +  * If a preview takes longer than 10 seconds to render, the next refinement of that preview is not started. The setting is adjustable via registry setting MaxPreviewSeconds.
 +  * Undo is now working for Brazil contents and main options dialogs. Not yet for lights.
 +  * Environment editor spherical environment preview now works correctly in GL renderer.
 +  * Added Auto-Update Preview option. When not on, the user must manually update the selected preview (or all previews) using the provided menu items / button.
 +  * The Brazil Advanced Material Default and Oren-Nayar dialogs now have IOR as a check box instead of static text so that refraction can be turned on and off.
 +  * Linear light UI now has a Constant Energy check box.
 +  * Environment previews use the skylight and environment settings in Brazil.
 +  * Brazil Advanced Material two-sided check box is now tri-state. When set to '​indeterminate'​ the two-sidedness is determined by the current base shader.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * The Brazil Advanced Material reflection UI was set as right-to-left reading order causing colons, ellipses and combo box arrows to appear on the left -- but only on non-English language systems.
 +  * Brazil Glass Material reflection enable checkbox didn't have any effect.
 +  * Environment preview renderer camera was calculated incorrectly in Brazil.
 +  * Image sampling display was not correct for all combinations of min/max.
 +  * Light portal dimensions were zero and had no effect when changed.
 +  * Chrome and Glass material highlights were always rendering as Phong.
 +  * Crash when changing child texture.
 +  * Reflect/​Refract sections now have consistent placement of combo and exclude controls.
 +  * Box and plane preview texture mapping and rotation were odd.
 +  * Dropping a texture on the texture palette did not use the file name as the texture name.
 +  * Current environment kept getting lost after loading a document.
 +=====2008-10-21:​ Public Beta 21=====
 +  * Added support for OpenEXR image textures.
 +  * Added support for saving rendered images to OpenEXR format.
 +  * Added //planar// projection to HDR, EXR and Projection Changer textures.
 +  * Composite material functions correctly in Brazil.
 +  * Added //Blend// mode to Composite material.
 +  * Undo is now available on RDK sun, RDK options etc.
 +  * Undo is now available for all content operations including parameter changes.
 +  * Added RenderBlowup command. ​ Lots of comments required - this is still beta.
 +  * Bitmap, HDR and EXR texture names now default to the name of the file used.
 +  * Improved the UI for asking the user where to put files that are extracted from rmtl/​renv/​rtex files.
 +  * Gradient environments now preview in the viewport.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Toon lock button occasionally lost its icon.
 +  * Brazil Advanced Material base and highlight shaders were not properly instanced.
 +  * The render frame crashed if used for rendering when the size was not set.
 +  * There was a division by zero in the Render Mesh Iterator.
 +  * Image-based textures did not update when their file changed.
 +  * Menu check did not disappear when the content editor was closed.
 +  * Ground Plane menu item performed the wrong operation.
 +  * GI Environment worked incorrectly when an image-based texture was used.
 +  * Fixed intermittent crash bug when changing a BAM base shader.
 +  * Last folder was not remembered when saving a rendering.
 +  * Custom decal parameters caused a rendering crash in some circumstances.
 +  * Decal reflectivity did not work correctly.
 +=====2008-09-17:​ Public Beta 20=====
 +  * RDK personal defaults folder is no longer created until it is required.
 +  * Improved memory usage for large embedded files.
 +  * Removed content editor Options command. The check boxes from this dialog are now in Renderer Support.
 +  * New View dock bar for editing active or named views (see menu).
 +  * Lens and DOF settings removed from the main options panel and added to the view dock bar.
 +  * Added support for saving HDRi files from the frame buffer and from textures.
 +  * Renderer Support options dialog renamed to //​Rendering//​.
 +  * Environment ranges removed from Environment options - now only available in the lens settings.
 +  * Improved //Save As Image// dialog.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Crash when changing renderer with Content Browser open.
 +  * Content Editor tree context menu was missing some commands.
 +  * Fixed several crash bugs in texture user interfaces.
 +  * Pressing **return** in the Content Editor sometimes caused the editor to go blank.
 +=====2008-08-29:​ Public Beta 19=====
 +  * Bump support for Brazil decals.
 +  * Significant speed improvements rendering glass.
 +  * Material UI terminology simplified (Cs->​Diffuse,​ Kr->​Reflect Mult, Ka->​Ambient Mult etc.).
 +  * Added support for display update optimization during script execution.
 +  * Added highlight gain controls to Chrome and Glass materials.
 +  * Holding down SHIFT when dragging a tangent on a curve graph now snaps the tangent to 45 degree positions.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Quantization of bitmap textures caused by incorrect rounding code.
 +  * Message when Bongo not installed was removed.
 +  * Some RDK script methods have wrong return value.
 +  * Brazil Advanced Texture "Mip Map Only" option did not work and was removed.
 +  * Light properties dialog switcher worked incorrectly during drag-drop operation.
 +  * Highlight specular amount did not work for Chrome or Glass.
 +  * Focus map did not work in Glass, Chrome, Porcelein and Reflect/​Refract shaders.
 +  * Material texture UV multipliers on Rhino materials were not respected.
 +  * Crash when using non-default texture adjustment parameters with certain environments.
 +  * Toon highlight value was set to Brazil 100 times too small.
 +  * Lights in worksessions caused a repeating error dialog to appear on the screen.
 +  * Content usage-triangles did not show correctly when assigning to object after assigning to layer.
 +  * Content usage-triangles did not update when switching object material between //Plug-in// and //Layer//.
 +  * Thumbnail order was lost after using Options command in the content editor.
 +  * Content name change did not propagate to other instances of the content.
 +  * Light focus was broken: shadow and photon were the same as main focus; cylindric focus behaved strangely.
 +  * Physical sky texture shader broken in core - removed from texture list for now.
 +=====2008-08-01:​ Public Beta 18=====
 +  * Support for multiple file drag/drop on content editor.
 +  * Default button on panel headers now asks for confirmation.
 +  * Toolbar and simple anti-aliasing UI presets rationalized.
 +  * Option to save embedded files when saving to a library file.
 +  * Simple UIs added to Render Cache, Render Pass, Photon Map, Ray Server, Environment and System settings dialogs.
 +  * Warning when embedded files are unpacked into an un-searched folder.
 +  * Photon focus override for parallel lights now uses the scene bounding box to calculate size.
 +  * Icons added to Sun Load, Save and Options Load, Save and Render buttons.
 +  * Extract and Remove Embedded files options added to shell context menu for rmtl, renv and rtes files.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Environments sometimes displayed all black in certain setups.
 +  * Texture Summary edit boxes did not always correctly enable and disable.
 +  * //Clear last rendering// option did not work.
 +  * //​Rotation//​ values of 2d procedural textures were zeroed occasionally.
 +  * HDR files would repeatedly try to load if not found - causing a long hang.
 +  * Toon material locked shade amount did not work.
 +  * Toon material shaded color had incorrect alpha value.
 +  * Linear light radius parameter control moved the light away from original position.
 +  * Area lights incorrectly used illumination slot for sample shaders.
 +  * Spherical decals work correctly.
 +  * Brazil Utility material was incorrectly wired.
 +=====2008-07-24:​ Public Beta 17=====
 +  * Added Output Adjustment section to most textures (image based, procedural, HDR).
 +  * Added global environment background multiplier, and per-environment override on Brazil Adv. Environment.
 +  * Optimizations to geometry code - approximately 10-15% speed increase across all models.
 +  * Default contents are now loaded from two folders on disk.
 +  * Tools menu added to content editor. Allows for editing defaults, deleting unused content etc.
 +  * Check box added to all Opacity buttons in Advanced Material; switches between Opacity and Transparency.
 +  * Menu items added to Rhino Menu; Surface::​Create Brazil Plane & Sphere, Render::​Create Brazil Light Portal.
 +  * Tool bars added to Content Editors.
 +  * Removed automatic restore feature for content editors and Brazil options.
 +  * Thumbnail view context menu improved.
 +  * Content Editor icons improved.
 +  * Constant background environments render much faster.
 +  * Material harvesting now includes children.
 +  * Simple UIs added to Luma Server and Image Sampling settings dialogs.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * HDR textures evaluated to random colors if the HDR file could not be found.
 +  * Alpha transparency was incorrect for some environment shaders.
 +  * Global environment overrides did not work with many environments.
 +  * Linear light transformation matrix was incorrect - the distribution is still wrong, though.
 +  * Render statistics were not reset after rendering - so the ray count was cumulative for the session.
 +  * Linear light placement was incorrect (light center moved when switching between types).
 +  * Parallel view scales are fixed...this time for real.
 +  * Brazil/RDK did not correctly reject bogus meshes passed by plug-ins.
 +  * If no environment was current, the background color was unpredictable (often random).
 +  * Glossy refraction amount in Advanced Material was 8000% instead of 80%.
 +  * Linear light rendered incorrectly.
 +  * RDK/Brazil used more processor cycles than necessary for basic Rhino operations - this is now optimized.
 +  * Crash when changing renderer and saving if content browser was open is fixed.
 +  * Material file icon did not have correct alpha channel.
 +  * Glass material viewport simulation was //too transparent//​.
 +  * Brazil core build inconsistancies caused crash bugs in photon evaluation.
 +  * Render window failed to show when re-rendering in certain cases.
 +  * Material parameters harvesting turned off by default because it was confusing - now an option on the change button.
 +  * Non-shared Content UIs did not display.
 +  * Material assignment took longer and longer the more times you did it.  Assigning to lots of objects should be much faster.
 +=====2008-07-08:​ Public Beta 16=====
 +  * Context Help button added to Content Editor for contents that support help.
 +  * After rendering, the focus returns to the Rhino command line.
 +  * Improved auto-resizing and auto-zooming of the render frame.
 +  * Output size options reorganized;​ Aspect Lock and //​Viewport//​ buttons added.
 +  * Light properties dialog is selected by default when a light is selected.
 +  * Brazil output size defaults to Custom (640x480) on new models (or models without Brazil data).
 +  * Implemented custom material for render pass control.
 +  * Added luminance output to texture shader (allows greyscale output from textures in Brazil).
 +  * Added channel selector combo box for subnode properties.
 +  * Added automatic conversion of float shader output to color input (for shaders with float output channels).
 +  * Content Editor thumbnail labels are now editable and the //Rename// command edits the name in-place.
 +  * List display mode added to Content Editors.
 +  * Added controls to Brazil environment options to render selected environment or edit current.
 +  * Improvements to material editor rendering.
 +  * Added Photon support to the PassThrough shader.
 +  * Help buttons added to each Brazil main option section.
 +  * Help buttons added to Advanced Material, Glass, Chrome, Toon, and Utility UIs.
 +  * Help buttons added to light UI.
 +  * Hand cursor for scrolling in collapsible dialogs improved.
 +  * Added //Tools// menu to Content Editor. Added //Edit Defaults// command under Tools menu.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * The Brazil light name was not the same as the Rhino light name.
 +  * Texture files were not found when loading a document from a network share.
 +  * Defaults were wrong for //Restore options//, //Restore editor// and Toon lock.
 +  * Output size options showed custom size and aspects when //​Viewport//​ radio button was checked.
 +  * Selecting a section from the header context menu in a collapsing dialog did not work correctly.
 +  * Glass material did not simulate correctly to the viewport.
 +  * Bounds were not set on some sample rate edit boxes.
 +  * Photon estimate edit box bounds were incorrect.
 +  * Hand cursor hotspot was incorrect.
 +  * Material editor preview rendered black when a glass shader was attached to the diffuse channel of a 2-sided BAM.
 +  * Values specified in Rhino units were rendered in metres instead of units.
 +  * Crash when ray-server depth textures were on but unset.
 +  * Crash when two contents of the same type were in a parent-child relationship and the child was deleted.
 +  * Reflection and refraction in the Basic Rhino Material and Passthrough shader did not find scene objects.
 +  * Skylight multiplier was squared - applied in two places by mistake.
 +  * Dragging an .rcolor file onto a Content Editor did not work as expected.
 +  * Loading a content from a file did not use the file name as the new content'​s name.
 +  * Procedural texture defaults were lost during harvesting process.
 +  * Some textures UI failed to show in certain circumstances.
 +  * Some messages failed to show in front of other windows during startup in certain cases.
 +  * Crash when calculating photons in certain cases has been fixed.
 +  * Safe frame display did not track active view correctly.
 +  * Crash when renaming material/​env/​texture in certain cases is now fixed.
 +  * Crash when selecting a Brazil Advanced Material in certain cases is now fixed.
 +=====2008-06-19:​ Public Beta 15=====
 +  * Added Brazil Placeholder Texture to allow Brazil materials to be used as children of RDK textures and materials.
 +  * Added Fresnel blend material.
 +  * Added Brazil Advanced Blend material.
 +  * Brazil Shellac material now supports texturing on the blend amount.
 +  * //Change// button added to Advanced Environment atmospherics UI.
 +  * Content Editor does not appear when unsupported renderer is loaded.
 +  * User interfaces made for Brazil shaders: Normal Map, Invert, Pass Through, Greyscale, Brightness, Contrast, Back Face, Fresnel Blend, Tint, Angular Blend and World Angular Blend.
 +  * New version of Brazil help included.
 +  * [[brazil:​scripting|Brazil RhinoScripting]] support added to RDK and Brazil.
 +  * //Viewport to render// settings added to view section.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Light exclude list dialog contained lights.
 +  * Skin bump did not work.
 +  * Several values were specified in feet instead of Rhino units.
 +  * Several edit boxes were not wide enough to comfortably accomodate large numbers.
 +  * Light Affect Surface specular and diffuse checkboxes did not switch off the effects.
 +  * Texture adjustment texture did not work correctly with High Dynamic Range data.
 +  * Many BAM/Toon materials in a file caused Windows to run out of handles.
 +  * Composite environment/​Advanced Environment caused HDRi images to burn out GI.
 +  * Global wrapper environment caused HDRi images to burn out GI.
 +  * Bump amounts could not be set to negative values.
 +  * Decal dialog sometimes appeared too far down when scroll bar was present.
 +  * Gradient environments and world angular blend had zero elevation artifacts.
 +=====2008-05-27:​ Public Beta 14=====
 +  * Paste and Paste As Instance implemented in thumbnail editor and tree pane.
 +  * Content notes section added for user-defined comments.
 +  * Added context menu to change content button.
 +  * Added frame buffer channel section to Brazil system options - most channels are now off by default, so improved memory footprint.
 +  * Implemented //Use viewport target// in Depth of Field options.
 +  * The sun dock bar is not displayed if the sun is not supported by the current render plug-in.
 +  * Global reflective map and planar background implemented.
 +  * Brazil Advanced Environment now has reflective and planar background overrides
 +  * Angular Blend material now supports photon blending.
 +  * Basic Texture now defaults to bi-linear filtering in Brazil renderings.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Basic material crashed Brazil when an analytic bump or normal map node was added to the bump channel.
 +  * Pictureframe objects did not render in Brazil.
 +  * Skylight texture override was not functional (since Beta 11).
 +  * Check boxes next to subnode controls were not consistently on by default.
 +  * Crash when adding a subnode to a material fixed.
 +  * Fixed GI artifacts with Toon.
 +=====2008-05-09:​ Public Beta 13=====
 +  * Brazil Shadow Light Texture has been changed to a material.
 +  * Brazil Physical Sky texture added.
 +  * Autogen shaders renamed to remove the word //Shader// - ie AngularBlend shader -> Angular Blend
 +  * Largest texture simulation size removed.
 +  * Basic Material/​Simulated materials now use Brazil analytic bump (much better quality, no artifacts)
 +  * Dragging a color to a thumbnail editor or subnode/​content control now creates an appropriate content in that color.
 +  * Dragging an image or HDR file to the Texture Editor or a subnode/​content control now creates an appropriate texture with that image.
 +  * Normal Map and Displace style analytic bump nodes added - use in Brazil material "​Bump"​ channels.
 +  * Color buttons now support copy and paste.
 +  * Added progress messages when saving support files.
 +  * Commands added to Add, Change, Delete, Duplicate, Load, Rename and Save materials, textures and environments:​ RdkAddEnvironment,​ RdkAddMaterial,​ RdkAddTexture,​ RdkChangeEnvironment,​ RdkChangeMaterial,​ RdkChangeTexture,​ RdkDeleteEnvironment,​ RdkDeleteMaterial,​ RdkDeleteTexture,​ RdkDuplicateEnvironment,​ RdkDuplicateMaterial,​ RdkDuplicateTexture,​ RdkLoadEnvironmentFromFile,​ RdkLoadMaterialFromFile,​ RdkLoadTextureFromFile,​ RdkRenameEnvironment,​ RdkRenameMaterial,​ RdkRenameTexture,​ RdkRenderOptions,​ RdkSaveEnvironmentToFile,​ RdkSaveMaterialToFile,​ RdkSaveTextureToFile.
 +  * Content Browser Library pane added to allow easy access to saved materials, textures and environments. ​ Drag and droponto the pane to store, drop from the pane to the ME, objects, subnodes etc etc.
 +  * Rendering options command extended with following commands: RdkGroundPlaneOptions,​ RdkSunOptions,​RdkSafeFrameOptions,​ RdkPostEffectPlugInOptions.
 +  * Noise texture colors added.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Brazil crashed or gave incorrect results when using decals with multiple render threads running.
 +  * Simulation of child textures did not display correctly in the viewport.
 +  * Basic Texture did not prompt for a filename.
 +  * Render window invalidated areas to black when reusing the previous rendering.
 +  * Stacked procedural textures rendered incorrectly in Brazil.
 +  * Brazil shaders rendered as children of RDK procedurals had artifacts in multi-threaded situations.
 +  * Grayscale color picker did not appear when associated color button was clicked.
 +  * Copy/Paste tools did not work for System Options.
 +  * Copy/Paste tools were labelled with the letters C and P instead of icons.
 +  * Selecting a set of options in Brazil Bridge Renderer could cause incorrect rendered image size.
 +  * Pasting Output Size options could cause incorrect rendered image size.
 +  * Color swatches did not display on texture summary for procedural textures.
 +  * Orthographic views did not render to the correct scale.
 +  * Color button drag & drop discarded the alpha value.
 +  * HDR textures did not render after importing from 3dm file.
 +  * Environment preview did not switch off when non-spherical background was selected.
 +  * Sun //light both sides// option was off, leaving an un-lit area on infinite planes.
 +  * Color button did not work correctly when using legacy mode (with no picker set).
 +  * RDK crashed when dragging from the content browser to the desktop if the content editor was not open.
 +  * Brazil light photon feature checkbox did not control the on-ness of photons per light.
 +  * Custom render mesh preview display was only showing every other CRM object.
 +=====2008-04-18:​ Public Beta 12=====
 +  * Added a //Graph// section to most textures. This displays a graph of the texture'​s red, green, blue, alpha or luminosity along one axis.
 +  * //North// dial added to sun dialogs. This allows the user to specify which way in world space is '​north'​.
 +  * Added a context menu to the color button. This allows the use of a color dropper to pick a color from the screen.
 +  * Document sun now uses Rhino'​s earth anchor point settings for observer location and north direction.
 +  * Added //Force 2-sided// and //Flat Z-buffer// options to the system settings. Force 2-sided now defaults to off.
 +  * Added 3 new primitive flags - see Brazil Object Properties docker.
 +  * Lights now have an //​Atmospheres & Effects// section which links to the current Brazil Advanced Environment (if any).
 +  * Brazil Advanced Global Fog Environment implemented.
 +  * Date and time controls on sun dialog now increment correctly (e.g., incrementing hour can change day).
 +  * Content objects now harvest parameters from previous objects during a change operation.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * By Parent material assignment did not work correctly.
 +  * Several crash bugs fixed in the BAM material.
 +  * Blend Material did not support transparency correctly.
 +  * Brazil occasionally crashed at startup in certain situations.
 +  * Copy/​Paste/​Import crash bug fixed.
 +  * Normal channels Y and Z did not display correctly when selected after rendering.
 +  * Custom output size as set in modal options dialog was not used for rendering.
 +  * Sun's north dial had incorrect background color.
 +  * Brazil texture shaders (like occlusion, reflect/​refract) did not work as children of RDK procedural textures.
 +  * Material editor rename did not update the basic material definitions.
 +=====2008-03-10:​ Public Beta 11=====
 +  * Matte material texture summary added.
 +  * Brazil Advanced Material Skin base shader added.
 +  * Transparency map amounts supported correctly.
 +  * Optimized basic material shader.
 +  * Add Default Content option added to Brazil config.
 +  * Added photon support to Rhino Basic Material.
 +  * Embedded files are saved in [[rhino:​savesmall|SaveSmall]].
 +  * Photon support added for all major Brazil materials - blends still to be done.
 +  * //Remove instancing//​ option added to content editor node tree.
 +  * Brazil Render Cache and Photon options now support loading and saving.
 +  * It is now possible to click on the list icons in the Render Cache and Photon options to enable and disable those features.
 +  * Double-clicking the content editor'​s caption causes it to roll up into a caption-sized bar. Double-clicking again restores it to its original height. The same applies to the non-modal Brazil options dialog.
 +  * Added new Renderer Support option //Restore content editor window at startup//.
 +  * Added new Brazil r/s option //Restore options window at startup//.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Complex //two color// procedural textures did not correctly set the child amount/on parameters.
 +  * Multi-threading problem in Dots texture fixed.
 +  * Utility material basic material slots were off by default.
 +  * Some internal and implementation shaders were showing up in the material/​texture list even when the config option was off.
 +  * Basic material texture amounts were broken in Brazil shader implementation.
 +  * 24-bit TGA, TIFF or PNG files no longer render fully transparent.
 +  * Matte material reflection source did not work correctly.
 +  * Decals did not move when objects were transformed.
 +  * Transparent shadows did not work correctly on the Rhino Basic Material.
 +  * Chrome glossiness controls did not work correctly.
 +  * Crash when loading bzpreset files in some circumstances.
 +  * Copy/Paste caused multiple copies of materials to appear in the material editor.
 +  * Bitmap texture evaluators were not thread safe - caused bucket artifacts on MP machines in environment renderings.
 +=====2008-02-08:​ Public Beta 10=====
 +  * Mask Color texture added.
 +  * Rendering dialog added. Sun, Safe Frame and Ground Plane dialogs nested under it.
 +  * Option added to Rendering dialog to control if support files are embedded in 3dm files.
 +  * Thumbnails on content browser //​existing//​ page now have a context menu.
 +  * Safe Frame and Ground Plane options added to Brazil menu.
 +  * Wire post default added to wireframe section.
 +  * Content control drag-drop now supports moving as well as copying and instancing.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * The //Use global settings// option in the light shadows dialog had no effect.
 +  * Skylight map control on Luma Server had no effect when using GI Environment.
 +  * Ground Plane scripting didn't work.
 +  * Wireframe options were labelled //​Miscellaneous//​.
 +  * The Brazil Object Properties dialog is no longer displayed when a light is included in the selection.
 +  * Post-effect defaults moved from Renderer Support to new //Post Effect Plug-ins// dialog under Rendering.
 +  * Projector lights crashed when a texture was not set.
 +=====2008-01-31:​ Public Beta 9=====
 +  * Added Brazil Utility Material.
 +  * Added Reuse render window and Clear render window options to Brazil configuration dialog.
 +  * Added custom curve option to BAM's refraction UI.
 +  * Implemented complete Matte/​Shadow material (most params were not working).
 +  * Checker texture is now truely 3d.
 +  * Many new parameters completed for Brazil Toon Material - highlight now working, for example.
 +  * Support files, including textures, are now embedded in 3dm, rmtl, renv and rtex files.
 +  * Color gradient swatch added to custom curve dialog.
 +  * Added //Save As Image// command to texture editor.
 +  * Added //Shadows on by default// switch in Brazil configuration.
 +  * Custom material implemented in Render Pass options.
 +  * Added //Use viewport lens// option to view settings.
 +  * Environment maps on Basic Materials now work correctly.
 +  * Environment override controls added to BAM and Porcelein materials.
 +  * //EMap//, //WCS// and //View// projection options added to textures. ​ Use view for Brazil environment mapping.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Automatic sections were alphabetically sorted.
 +  * Planar projection did not correctly support 3d (UVW) coordinates when rendering in Brazil.
 +  * Volumetric environments were disabled in certain cases.
 +  * Default glossiness values in Chrome and Porcelein materials were wrong.
 +  * Light decay feature now displays a dome similar to the attenuation domes.
 +  * Light decoration wire lines were always black.
 +=====2008-01-22:​ Public Beta 8=====
 +  * Added interpolation option to resample texture.
 +  * Added Open command to subnode control menu.
 +  * GI Environment implemented - just add a HDR texture, enable Skylight and "Use Environment Settings"​ and go.
 +  * Separated BAM's basic surface parameters into a different UI section.
 +  * Atmosphere visibility flags implemented.
 +  * //Light both sides// option added to parallel lights.
 +  * Gradient texture supports custom curve option.
 +  * Added bump support to Brazil Chrome Material.
 +  * Material exclude lists for reflection and refraction now work.
 +  * Environment mapping now working on all shaders. Note that environment overrides do not work in raytraced mode yet.
 +  * Occlusion texture exclude list now works.
 +  * Lock area light dimensions button implemented.
 +  * All custom curve buttons now have a gradient display above them.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Depth of field was disabled in Beta 7 due to a crash in the core.  This is now re-enabled.
 +  * SplutterFish logo now has the correct background color and all //About// dialogs are consistent.
 +  * Output Size settings were not working correctly when renderer changed to Rhino and back to Brazil.
 +  * Two and three color gradient environments implemented.
 +  * Fixed transparent shadows with the glass shader.
 +  * Crash when using sub-surface scattering is now fixed.
 +  * Extremely slow rendering when many similar basic materials were attached to lots of geometry.
 +  * Spherical environments were shown incorrectly in the viewport.
 +  * Redundant Displacement controls removed from Brazil Chrome and Glass.
 +  * Glass Fresnel options were not working.
 +  * Unused //Point light parameters//​ section was still present.
 +  * Area light sampling parameter defaults were wrong.
 +  * Area light sampling //​adaptive//​ section did not disable controls.
 +  * Several //locked// values were not updating correctly.
 +  * Light focus caption did not update under certain circumstances.
 +  * Light //​Attenuation on// checkbox was not checked by default.
 +  * In the light photometric section, after loading an IES file the units did not update.
 +  * In the light photometric section, the distribution combo did not have the //diffuse// option for area lights.
 +  * In the light photometric section, the default unit was //none// instead of //​candela//​.
 +  * Light auto-focus-type did not work when switching between rectangle and disc area focus.
 +  * Light surface soft edge parameter was incorrectly passed to Brazil during rendering.
 +  * Light surface soft edge and contrast parameters were not limited to 0..100.
 +  * Only brep objects could be added to include/​exclude lists.
 +  * Custom curves were not initialized until their UI was displayed.
 +  * Pressing **Enter** in numeric edit boxes did not trigger a preview update.
 +  * //Max error// numeric edit boxes only allowed integer values.
 +  * After changing the //Show details panel// check box in content editor options, the UI did not update.
 +=====2007-12-18:​ Public Beta 7=====
 +  * Quick buttons added to the top of the Content Browser //new// page for commonly used materials, environents and textures.
 +  * Glow post-effect user interface improved.
 +  * Ray Server Reflect/​Refract/​Total texture controls implemented.
 +  * Added RDK support for Ground Plane.
 +  * Support for linear lights added.
 +  * Decal support added to RDK and Brazil.
 +  * Motion blur support (with Bongo 1.0) added to Brazil (only previously worked on WIP Rhino 3.0 version).
 +  * //Details// section added to content UI. This shows advanced information about the content (Turn on in editor options).
 +  * Custom curve controls added to light UI and shaders.
 +  * Support for Sphere and Plane Brazil primitives added.
 +  * Safe-frame scripting implemented.
 +  * Volumetric, Global Fog and Composite environments added.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Texture cache was saving png files on evaluation version, causing IO and burning saves.
 +  * Previews did not update correctly when textures were linked as instances to child textures.
 +  * Changing a child content caused a memory leak.
 +  * Mapping pre-process caused unnecessary mesh copying. ​ Less memory is now used in all cases.
 +  * Custom render mesh preview bounding box works correctly when multiple plug-ins are loaded.
 +  * Brazil Advanced Materials now work correctly in blends/​decals.
 +  * Some light sections failed to appear when first selecting a light in Brazil.
 +  * Brazil object properties/​light dialog stole focus from Rhino.
 +  * Some implementation shaders were not properly tagged.
 +=====2007-10-19:​ Public Beta 6======
 +  * Updated Brazil API to build 1394
 +  * ClearRdkCaches command added to clear texture and preview caches.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Brazil Glass filter color and absorption color texturing did not work correctly.
 +  * Certain materials show up black when reloaded from older models.
 +  * Small black spots when using the default light no longer appear.
 +  * Crash bug when using GLSL plug-in and Brazil at the same time.
 +=====2007-10-10:​ Public Beta 5=====
 +  * The Content Browser now remembers which page was selected and which radio button was checked.
 +  * Procedural textures now support alpha channel output - including //in-tree// blending.
 +  * Texture simulation now renders to PNG files for alpha support and better disk usage.
 +  * Manual override added in options for sun preview display.
 +  * Additional large simulation bitmap size added in options.
 +  * Added Mask texture that creates masks from other textures.
 +  * Procedural textures can now blend between base color and the color of selected sub texture.
 +  * RDK Sun now casts a shadow in Brazil.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * RDK and Brazil dialogs now work well with different DPI settings.
 +  * Content usage did not update correctly when loading a file in certain cases.
 +  * Texture Mapping channel was incorrectly set to 0 when loading a file with no mapping channel info.
 +  * Content drag and drop from another instance of Rhino did not work.
 +  * Bitmap textures and Brazil Advanced Textures did not show correctly in the texture editor preview.
 +  * Basic material did not support texture on-off and amount switches in Brazil.
 +=====2007-09-18:​ Public Beta 4=====
 +  * '//​Projection Changer Texture// added - converts between lightprobe, equirectangular,​ emap and cube map projections.
 +  * Scrollbars now scroll during a drag operation if you hang over their arrows.
 +  * Brazil image textures support alpha transparency.
 +  * Emap, vertical cross cube map and horizontal cross cube map projections added to HDR texture.
 +  * //​Adjustment Texture// added. ​ Implements many common texture modifiers.
 +  * HDR and Projection Changer textures now support cube face map extraction using GetParameter (Geeks only).
 +  * Added support for Mapping channels to all textures.
 +  * Added non-repeating wrapping to bitmap textures.
 +  * Mapping enable check box implemented in Brazil system options.
 +  * Bump support for Brazil Advanced Material, Toon and Glass.
 +  * Added //Exposure Texture// which is mainly meant to be used for exposing HDR images.
 +  * Added in-viewport sun preview for RDK compliant renderers.
 +  * Added Brazil support for RDK sun.
 +  * Sun dialog visually improved (//​SunLight//​ command and other sun calc buttons in Brazil)
 +  * Document sun settings added to Rhino document options.
 +  * Sun dock bar added //​SunDockBar//​ command. ​ Also added to Brazil menu.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Fixed some instability in the thumbnail extractor for rmtl, renv and rtex files.
 +  * Switching an HDR environment image to map as a box caused an indefinite hang.
 +  * Unused pixels in HDR images contributed to overall exposure.
 +  * HDR texture UI did not resize correctly.
 +=====2007-08-30:​ Public Beta 3=====
 +  * TriangulateRenderMeshes command added to the RDK to force all document render meshes to triangles. ​ Can speed up translation.
 +  * Local mapping sections for textures now have lockable fields.
 +  * Texture previews now update progressively. It's now much faster to fiddle with the parameters.
 +  * Brazil materials and textures now accept materials into child slots. ​ Now possible to include Toon in a texture eval tree etc.
 +  * //Wrinkled Texture// renamed to //​Turbulence Texture// - implements Turbulence type Perlin noise.
 +  * //Noise Texture// renamed to //fBm Texture// - implements Fractal Sum Perlin noise.
 +  * //Noise Texture// added - implments many different noise types and syntheses.
 +  * //Advanced Dot Texture// renamed to //Dots Texture// - includes a complete UI.
 +  * //Dots Texture// optimized for speed.
 +  * Removed older //Basic Dots Texture//.
 +  * Perturbing and Perlin Marble texture UI completed.
 +  * HDR texture now supports cube map conversions.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Highlight graphs were not updating immediately when edit box spinners were dragged.
 +  * Highlight did not appear on Brazil Glass.
 +  * IOR menu did not appear on Brazil Glass or the texture summary.
 +  * Texture summary IOR values had too few decimal places.
 +  * Blinn highlight anisotropy and angle values had no bounds.
 +  * Render meshes were re-created before every render - caused a big delay to occur after the render button was pressed.
 +  * .rtex files (textures) did not contain a preview.
 +  * Contents leaked memory when they had three or more children.
 +=====2007-08-16:​ Public Beta 2=====
 +  * IOR menu added to all IOR edit boxes.
 +  * Transparency mapping support added to Rhino Basic Material in Brazil.
 +  * Wood, Marble, Granite, Stucco, Blend, Noise and Waves textures added.
 +  * Perturbing and Perlin Marble textures added (unfinished UI).
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Models with many individual objects not assigned RDK materials used huge amounts of memory.
 +  * Default light clipping did not take custom render meshes into account - some may have rendered black.
 +  * Brazil automatic textures crashed when there was a parameter named //offset// - i.e., Br_Noise
 +  * Toon ink-width mapping did not work correctly. ​ Other map issues where a luminance rather than a color is expected should also be fixed.
 +  * Displacement should not have been in Advanced or Toon materials and has been removed.
 +  * Opacity mapping was not correctly simulated in the Brazil Advanced Material.
 +  * Chrome materials did not update correctly.
 +  * Highlight was not simulated correctly on Brazil Chrome Material.
 +  * Some Post Effect dialogs did not have spinners on the numeric edit boxes.
 +  * Phong and Angular glossiness options were reversed in Brazil Glass material.
 +  * Phong glossiness was limited to 100% in Brazil Glass material.
 +  * Importing a 3dm file now merges the original and imported contents.
 +  * Brazil failed to render when parallel light did not have photon focus shader attached.
 +  * Light attenuation widgets were drawn with focus angles even if focus was disabled.
 +  * Exclude lists can now be set as Include lists instead.
 +  * Light Include/​Exclude list dialog now has pick buttons.
 +  * Misc settings did not update viewport in some circumstances.
 +=====2007-08-02:​ Public Beta 1=====
 +  * High Dynamic Range texture implemented.
 +  * Glass material added.
 +  * Option-sets management implemented (Brazil Bridge Renderer)
 +  * Copy, Paste, Load and Save buttons on Options.
 +  * Help added.
 +  * Added torus preview geometry.
 +  * Luma server //Skylight map// controls implemented.
 +  * Resample texture added.
 +  * Clicking on the render window during rendering causes the bucket clicked to be rendered next.
 +  * Brazil About and Light portal commands added to menu.
 +  * Brazil toolbar added.
 +  * Brazil Advanced Material simulation support added.
 +  * Bitmap textures / Brazil Advanced Textures now support tiling/​offset/​rotation.
 +  * Brazil Physical Sky environment added.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Output Size options dialog was behaving inconsistently.
 +  * Environment texture support improved (no longer simulates textures).
 +  * RDK installer choked on 3.0 SR3c check even if v4.0 was installed.
 +  * Instanced content appeared twice in Content Browser //​Existing//​ tab.
 +  * Double-clicking a grayed-out content in the Content Browser //​Existing//​ tab caused a crash.
 +  * Light decorations were clipped wrongly.
 +  * //Dead spots// on scrolling dialogs should now pan correctly.
 +  * Post effects did not work correctly on 32-bit displays.
 +  * Light portals did not work correctly.
 +=====2007-06-05:​ Public WIP 15=====
 +  * Docking Content Browser implemented (command: ContentBrowser).
 +  * Rendering time is now displayed on the Rhino command line.
 +  * Configuration options dialog (also on menu).
 +  * Added options //Show automatically generated shaders// etc.
 +  * Added Composite material.
 +  * Added Reflect/​Refract UI to Brazil Advanced Material (BAM)
 +  * Added Ghost, Velvet and Glow-worm BAM base shaders.
 +  * Added Blinn and Sheen highlight options to BAM.
 +  * Added support for per-face materials.
 +  * Added Cube Map texture.
 +  * Added reflection/​IOR parameters to basic material (support in Rhino from SR2).
 +  * Added Matte and Shellac materials.
 +  * Added Occlusion texture.
 +  * Changed luma server defaults to match MAX version.
 +  * Changed options panel default setup.
 +  * Changed materials on environment preview.
 +  * Double click on environment now switches it to current.
 +  * Texture preview window aspect ratio is no longer constrained.
 +  * Removed Displacement feature. This is now available as a separate plug-in.
 +  * Custom render meshes (i.e. - Displacement meshes, see above) are now previewed in the viewport.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Brazil materials did not support procedural shaders correctly.
 +  * Odd window behaviour fixed.
 +  * Brazil occasionally hung when cancelling from the progress window.
 +  * Dragging a material to an object did not unselect all objects.
 +  * Numeric edit boxes exhibited strange and inconsistent selection behaviour.
 +  * Gradient environments display noise at horizon.
 +  * Many, many smaller bug fixes.
 +=====2007-03-30:​ Public WIP 14=====
 +  * Implemented a grayscale gradient picker for Contrast color buttons.
 +  * Preview geometry, rotation and background information is now saved in the 3dm file.
 +  * RDK dialogs now support tabbing between controls, and numeric edit boxes accept the **return** key.
 +  * The RDK file dialog now remembers the state of the //Show Preview// checkbox.
 +  * Added PolygonCount command to display the current render polygon count.
 +  * Environments update the document render settings when they are changed - preview in rendered viewport
 +  * Added settings to Renderer Support options page for post effect document defaults.
 +  * Improved scrolling performance for expanding dialog interface controls.
 +  * Added wireframe options to the Brazil options to support Wireframe post effect.
 +  * Added support for RenderWindow,​ RenderInWindow and related commands.
 +  * Switched liciencing to Rhino based CD-Key system.
 +  * Added post-effect plug-in defaults dialog to "​Renderer Support"​ in options.
 +  * Includes Beta 2 of the Rhino Renderer Development Kit (RDK).
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Changing values in the content editor caused a backlog of old preview renderings to build up which often meant there was a long delay before the latest preview could be seen on the screen.
 +  * Under certain conditions no environment was current or //Set As Current// didn't work.
 +  * Some matrices were saved incorrectly in older versions of RDK. These files should now load correctly.
 +  * Meshes with no canonical TC array (m_S) were not rendering with the correct TCs.
 +  * The Render Cache resample filtering radius is no longer limited to 100.
 +  * The Brazil Properties panel is no longer sunken.
 +  * Instability in thumbnail previewer for rmtl, renv and rtex files fixed.
 +  * ExtractDisplacedMeshes command failed in some cases on Rhino 4.0.
 +=====2007-01-22:​ Public WIP 13=====
 +  * Content drag and drop now supports instancing by using the Alt key.
 +  * Added a main menu to the Content Editor.
 +  * Show Incompatible Materials menu option added to Content Editor.
 +  * Removed //Rotate// and //Drag & Drop// commands from the Content Editor thumbnail context menu. The left mouse button now drags, and the right mouse button now rotates.
 +  * Added an //Open// command to the Content Editor thumbnail context menu. This opens a floating window containing a resizable preview of the selected content.
 +  * Added gradient procedural texture.
 +  * Added rotation local mapping support for procedural textures.
 +  * Reduced memory requirements for model dramatically.
 +  * Content editor side panel is now wider and closed by default.
 +  * Brought light and other UI up to date with Max. Lights now support rect area and disc area focus and shadow and photon focus.
 +  * Light projector now works.
 +  * Added Displacement properties dialog.
 +  * Added //​ExtractDisplacedMeshes//​ command.
 +  * //​BrazilSunLight//​ command renamed to //​SunLight//​.
 +  * Added support for Rhino 4.0.
 +  * Includes Beta 1 of the Rhino Renderer Development Kit (RDK).
 +=====20061103:​ Public WIP 12=====
 +  * Visual improvements to content editor tasks and dialogs.
 +  * Added a context menu to the content editor tree section.
 +  * Added a procedural checker, dot, tile and marble with sub-texture and super-sampling support.
 +  * Added //Local Mapping// section to texture UI.
 +  * Added FBm and Wrinkled procedural noise textures.
 +  * Render Pass Manager and options dialog implemented.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Content tasks (Create New, Delete, Rename etc.) did not work in a consistent manner when a child content was selected.
 +  * The first environment was always set as current instead of using the one saved in the document.
 +  * Dialog scroll bar did not work correctly for page and line increments.
 +  * Content instancing did not work properly for child contents.
 +=====20060831:​ Public WIP 11=====
 +  * Brazil Advanced Material added.
 +  * Brazil Toon material added.
 +  * Safe Frame display implemented.
 +  * All Brazil UI made to match Max version as closely as possible.
 +  * Photon Map UI (currently unsupported by core shaders - no photons yet, sorry)
 +  * Tidied light UI.
 +  * Light attenuation and focus graphical representation.
 +  * Missing textures are now reported in the Brazil console log.
 +  * Material and environment editors have been combined into a single tabbed editor window.
 +  * A texture editor has been added to tabbed editor window.
 +  * Select Content dialog is now resizable and has a //New// button for creating new content.
 +  * Content Browser //​Existing//​ tab now has a thumbnail display.
 +  * New numeric edit box implementation.
 +  * Modal dialog boxes now remember their position and size.
 +  * Edit button on Rhino Material Properties dialog displays Material Editor and selects the material.
 +  * New graphics throughout the interface.
 +  * Content categories.
 +  * Procedural texture support added to RCM.
 +  * Improvements to Splutterfish license manager UI.
 +  * Added support for Shadow exclusion lists.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Under some circumstances a content editor could lose its selection indicator.
 +  * Content was sometimes displayed in the wrong order in the content editor.
 +  * Light decay params were grayed out all the time.
 +  * Selecting a light moved the focus to the light dialog and prevented the delete key from working.
 +  * Mapping channel UI kept resetting selection to channel 1.
 +  * Mapping widgets were being drawn even when hidden.
 +  * Rendering aborted when texture files were not found.
 +  * Attempting to assign a child content to an object caused a crash.
 +  * Image output size settings were not linked to Rhino render size settings.
 +  * Brazil field of view did not match Rhino viewport.
 +  * Brazil would not start if SplutterFish license manager had changed.
 +  * Rhino crashed when trying to drag a mapping widget by using the center grip.
 +=====20060609:​ Public WIP 10=====
 +  * New Rhino 4 style texture mapping object properties dialog with simple/​advanced UI options
 +  * Brazil light user interface fully implemented to match Max Brazil 2.0 implementation.
 +  * Added support for shadow maps shadow shader.
 +  * Brazil Chrome Material added.
 +  * Added support for box and spherical mapping types in the Basic Environment.
 +  * Editor now supports keyboard navigation between thumbnails by using the arrow keys.
 +  * Several editor options added to exclude previews and so on for developers.
 +  * Shader channel dialog box (sub-node //​Properties//​) added.
 +  * Support for new types added to automatic shader UI (varying bool, ON_2dVector)
 +  * Depth of field and lens settings added to new View section in options.
 +  * Options dialog reorganized.
 +  * Added support for material instancing.
 +  * Added UVW rotation support in texture mapping UI.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Reflection and refraction was not shown correctly in the previews.
 +  * Texture mapping for block instances was not handled correctly.
 +  * Texture mapping for non-standard channels not handled correctly.
 +  * Rhino crashed when Brazil expired. This is now fixed.
 +=====20060407:​ Public WIP 9=====
 +  * Added blend support at Brazil shader level.
 +  * Added native pass-through support for Basic Material sub-shaders.
 +  * Drag and drop to and from sub-node controls implemented.
 +  * Drag and drop from Explorer to texture UI implemented.
 +  * Drag and drop of colors and content thumbnails implemented.
 +  * Luma Server settings fully implemented (except skylight map).
 +  * Frame buffer now allows zooming and scrolling.
 +  * Frame buffer now supports channels.
 +  * Frame buffer now supports post processing plug-ins.
 +  * Frame buffer menu and tool buttons added.
 +  * Bucketing options brought up to date.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Mapping widgets did not update the display properly when clicked on.
 +  * Using the SelLast command after showing mapping widgets caused a crash.
 +  * Luma Server options were not enabled and disabled at the right times.
 +  * Use Environment skylight settings did not work correctly.
 +  * Rectangular light did not work properly after using Mirror command.
 +  * Many types of tiled mappings did not evaluate correctly.
 +  * Spinners kept getting disabled on mapping properties dialog.
 +  * Mapping properties dialog allowed nonsensical operations when widgets were selected.
 +  * Selecting and deselecting objects was very slow when there were many objects in the scene.
 +  * Brazil option defaults were being overwritten by the user's settings.
 +=====20060120:​ Public WIP 8=====
 +  * Basic material and texture controls hooked up.
 +  * Texture mapping dialog has separate capping and texture space controls.
 +  * Exclusion lists on Luma Server and lights.
 +  * Full shader level support for Rhino Basic Material added.
 +  * Checker environment shader added for testing purposes.
 +  * Gradient environment shaders added.
 +  * Planar background environment shader added.
 +  * Basic Texture support at Brazil shader level.
 +  * Tiling and UV offset supported for surface UV mapping.
 +  * Added support for texture mapping while saving.
 +  * Improved the Content Editor. Added splitter and Up-One-Level button.
 +  * Added Brazil Advanced Texture with support for mip-mapping and EWA filtering.
 +  * Added //​Existing//​ tab to content browser to allow copying existing nodes.
 +  * Special control added for sub-nodes. ​ Supports clear, change and open actions + change button.
 +  * Added preview background controls.
 +  * Added bitmap (support file) search mechanism. See //Renderer Support// under options.
 +  * Mapping options moved to //Renderer support//.
 +  * Added Brazil global options to Rhino options dialog. //Show Splash Screen// option enabled.
 +  * New beta RCM SDK available with support for textures etc.
 +  * New shaders from SF - including Occlusion.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Deletion of a child content caused a hung UI that never went away + program crash.
 +  * After setting a mapping to a lot of objects, selecting them all was extremely slow.
 +  * Environment Editor was being affected by operations in the Material Editor.
 +  * Certain mapping types and displays were unworkably slow.
 +  * Selecting certain lenses caused a lockup in some circumstances.
 +  * Edit box spinners did not work below certain values.
 +=====2005-11-30:​ Public WIP 7=====
 +  * Implemented mapping support with mapping properties dialog and widgets.
 +  * New commands: MappingOn, MappingOff, AddMapping, RemoveMapping.
 +  * Mapping works in [[rhino:​opengl|OpenGL]] display and all renderers that support UV mapping.
 +  * Implemented automatic lens parameters on options dialog.
 +  * Updated Motion Blur options dialog to match latest Brazil Max implementation.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * The material editor was duplicating the default materials.
 +=====20051003:​ Public WIP 6a=====
 +  * Implemented Motion Blur options dialog and connection to Bongo.
 +  * Implemented real-time content preview with drag-rotate using [[rhino:​opengl|OpenGL]].
 +  * Implemented object properties dialog with visibility options.
 +  * Implemented editor options dialog box and preferred renderer option.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Content preview had memory corruption which could cause a crash on exit.
 +  * Spotlights and rectangular lights did not work corrected (fixed in WIP 6a).
 +  * Cancelling rendering is now much faster than with previous builds.
 +=====20050901:​ Public WIP 5=====
 +  * Implemented sun angle calculator dialog.
 +  * Non-modal options dialog now remembers its open sections.
 +  * Previews now render in the background and have three steps of refinement.
 +  * Updated load and save functions to use UTF8 text.
 +  * Luma Server options dialog updated to match latest Brazil SDK / Max.
 +  * Parallel light now has a solar vector control.
 +  * Added command BrazilSunLight for creating a sun.
 +  * Material Editor extension now has a better open / close button.
 +  * Material Editor now has a splitter for resizing the thumbnail area.
 +  * Implemented Render Cache options dialog.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Viewport did not update when a light was turned on or off.
 +  * Non-modal options did not save their state correctly.
 +  * Thumbnail render engine was using 100% CPU time when //idle//.
 +  * Material Editor scroll bar did not reset when changing thumbnail size.
 +  * Material and Environment editor windows became linked when minimized under some cicumstances.
 +  * Render button on options dialog did not work on non-English versions of Rhino.
 +  * Assignment of a material to multiple objects has been greatly speeded up.
 +  * Preview rendering speed has been doubled.
 +  * When rendering is aborted, the user is only asked for confirmation if at least 5 minutes have elapsed since rendering began.
 +  * Content Editor side-bar is now extended by default.
 +  * Light properties dialog now supports varying shader names properly.
 +  * Tidied and documented the RCM SDK.
 +=====20050628:​ Public WIP 4=====
 +  * Dragging a content to Windows Explorer now creates a content library file.
 +  * Implemented Ray Server options.
 +  * Extensible light parameters implemented in Light Properties dialog.
 +  * Extensible shadow shader parameters implemented in Light Properties dialog.
 +  * Extensible illumination shader parameters implemented in Light Properties dialog.
 +  * Additional light, shadow shader and illumination shader types added.
 +  * Hard-coded materials removed in preparation for full material model. **Note:** Old models may not be compatible with new material types.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Numeric controls were behaving erratically.
 +  * Default light did not come on when all lights were turned off.
 +=====20050603:​ Public WIP 3=====
 +  * Implemented environment editor to support prototype environment shaders.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Multiple instances of default materials were sometimes created.
 +  * //Ibis: Render Content Manager is not present// appeared in certain circumstances.
 +  * Sometimes crashed on exit with //Pure virtual function call//.
 +=====20050530:​ Public WIP 2b=====
 +  * Rendering now works in a separate thread.
 +  * Custom frame buffer display to integrate properly into Rhino render window.
 +  * Changed over to using Brazil transport interface instead of scene generator.
 +  * Implemented Save As, Print, Exit and Copy commands in render window.
 +  * Material Editor now has common tasks on the thumbnail context menu.
 +  * Material Chooser now has thumbnails instead of just text.
 +  * Material preview settings changed; updates should be faster.
 +  * Render Preview command implemented.
 +====Bug fixes====
 +  * Material Editor was stealing focus from the Rhino command prompt.
 +  * Material preview updated every time a text box was changed.
 +  * Memory use was excessive while converting Rhino meshes to Brazil.
 +  * Plugin was unstable and crashed during Rhino shutdown.
 +  * Options dialog remained usable during rendering.
 +  * Wire color was changed when assigning a material to an object.
 +  * Render window sometimes appeared with the wrong size.
 +  * Render used plugin material even after switching back to basic material.
 +  * Luma Server global illumination options were incorrectly disabled.
 +  * Ray accelerators were unstable. These are now temporarily disabled.
 +  * Removed some test code which may have been causing instability.
 +  * Rendering crashed on encountering a block instance containing non-meshable objects.
 +  * Brazil options were still available when Brazil was not the current renderer.
 +  * Material Browser OK button was not disabled correctly.
 +=====06.05.2005:​ Public WIP 1 - First Public Release=====
 +  * Finished CD key code.
 +  * Added a Brazil menu to Rhino.
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