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Brazil r/s 2.0 User Lounge

Summary: Free form Brazil r/s user area

If you have Brazil r/s WIP renderings, comments, etc, feel free to post em here…especially renderings =)

Note about renderings on the Wiki

I've started posting the images that were added here in the Brazil Gallery:

Please submit images to the gallery as well as posting them here, since this area generally gets cleaned out once in a while.

Cheers, Andy le Bihan, Brazil Product Manager

McLaren F1

A quick test for all the car people out there. Not quite HDRi but still pretty good. I used no lights, only Direct Illumination skylight and some bright panels. The F1 model was downloaded from

-John Cantu

Thanks John. A quick question. What material did you assign to the illuminated panel? TIA - Jeff

A Simple Bright Shader- John

Can you explain how HDRi works?

Brazil WIP 9

Here's a detail shot of the model from my advanced training CD ( I used the Depth of Field post effect and a tiny bit of Glare.

-James Carruthers

Looks great James. -John

Just playing around with glass on an old project. I used a gradient to vary the filter color, if you can tell.

-James Carruthers

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