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Brazil r/s 2.0 for Rhino Wish List

Summary: Post your bestest wishes here

And where is the Help document for the decal?..

Just post more tutorials for lighting. That is crazy important for newbie.

And please make the light target able to be directly moved. That would be much better and it's easier to setup lights!:)

High quality soft shadows in a simple way!

A simple way to adjust level of softness and quality; two sliders, “soft-hard” and “quality high-low”.

Tutorials, tutorials, tutorials.

The images available on the web are fantastic.

A little help for us newbies to get there as well would be so valuable.

Thanks from the BAFX+Ltrain Studio.

I've a blog that's got Brazil for 3ds Max tutorials on it.  Those might be helpful
and I'd welcome any contributions from Rhino users that would like to do some Rhino
specific tuts.   sk...

How about a preview render option to speed up trial renders?

Check into undersampling the image.   sk...

Well, fractal generated plants will be highly appreciated, or any type of plants.

Any chance this will be ported to the Mac version of Rhino that's under development?

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