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Loading Wizard-Generated Plug-ins

Developer: C++
Summary: Information on what version of Rhino to use to test your wizard-generated plug-ins.


I have used the Rhino 4.0 Plug-In Wizard to create a Rhino 4.0 plug-in, but it doesn't load into Rhino 4.0. Can you help me?


The Rhino 4.0 SDK includes a debug version of both Rhino (Rhino4_d.exe) and openNURBS (opennurbs_d.dll). The debug version of Rhino is installed in the same location as the production version of Rhino 4.0 (Rhino4.exe).

The Debug project configuration, generated by the V4 project wizard, has been modified to be a true Debug configuration, not a PseudoDebug configuration as provided in V3. By providing a full Debug version of Rhino and a true Debug configuration, you get better debugging information and hopefully detect more memory leaks.

Also, the V4 project wizard generates a new PseudoDebug configuration which is equal to the V3 Debug configuration - Release mode with Debug info. The Release configuration has not changed.

If you build a Debug version of your plug-in, it will only load in the debug version of Rhino (Rhino4_d.exe) installed with the Rhino SDK. If you want to load a plug-in in a release version of Rhino (Rhino4.exe ), build either a Release or PseudoDebug version of your plug-in.

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