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 +====== Class Prefixes in the Rhino .NET SDK ======
 +What is the difference between all of the .Net SDK class prefixes. I see
 +  * On...
 +  * IOnN...
 +  * MRhino...
 +  * IRhino...
 +Can someone please give me a brief rundown of what all these mean and what they might signify the class is used for?
 +The Rhino .NET SDK is a wrapper around the Rhino C++ SDK. For whatever reason, Microsoft choose not to implement the concept of **const** in the .NET framework. In C++, when modifying a data declaration,​ the **const** keyword specifies that the object or variable is not modifiable, or is constant. Thus, whenever you see a class name prefixed with an **I**, such as **IRhinoObject**,​ you will know that this is an object that cannot be modfied.
 +{{tag>​Developer dotnet}}
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