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Mac Rhino Plug-in Development

Here's the video

MonoDevelop add-in for debugging

For MonoDevelop 2.4.2 -

For MonoDevelop 2.6

  • Open MonoDevelop
  • Click on menu for MonoDevelop→Add-In Manager…
  • Click on the Gallery tab and you should be able to find the debugger for Rhinoceros!

Python script for post build

The monobuild python script can be downloaded above, or you can just create a new script using the following:

import sys
import os
import string
import shutil
oldname = sys.argv[1]
for i in range(2,len(sys.argv)):
    oldname += " " + sys.argv[i]
newname = string.replace(oldname, ".dll", ".rhp")
print "oldname =", oldname
print "newname =", newname
os.rename(oldname, newname)
os.rename(oldname+".mdb", newname+".mdb")
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