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Understanding Rhino Plug-in Compatibility

For Rhino to successfully load and run your plug-in, several conditions must be met:

  1. The RhinoSdkVersion number of your plug-in must match the RhinoSdkVersion of Rhino.
  2. The RhinoSdkServiceRelease number of your plug-in must be less than or equal to the RhinoSdkServiceRelease of Rhino.

Because Rhino 5 32-bit is binary compatible with Rhino 4.0, the RhinoSdkVersion never changes for the Rhino 5.0 32-bit SDK. Thus, all plug-ins compiled for Rhino 4.0 and Rhino 5 32-bit will continue to load throughout the release cycle of Rhino 5.

But, we occasionally make changes to the 64-bit SDK. When we do this, we change the RhinoSdkVersion number. This will cause any existing 64-bit plug-ins on customer computers to not load.

Your customer will get an error message.

If your customer gets this message, you need to download the latest Rhino 5 SDK, recompile your plug-in, and release it to your customers.

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