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RhinoScript 101

Developer: RhinoScript
Summary: RhinoScript 101 Primer and Articles


RhinoScript 101 is a project which aims to ease the transition from user to developer. Scripting is an extremely powerful yet a relatively easy-to-learn way of automating Rhino. However, since it involves programming the mental threshold for beginners is rather high. RhinoScript 101 offers a set of articles about the subject, starting at the beginning.

Initially the RhinoScript 101 Primer was released as a set of articles to be downloaded from this webspace. Due to its size we have merged the project into a single PDF which makes it more maintainable.

This publication is still a work-in-progress. Please send us your comments, questions and wishes.



  1. What's it all about?
    1. Macros
    2. Running Scripts
  2. vbScript Essentials
    1. Language origin
    2. Flow control
    3. Variable data
    4. Integers and Doubles
    5. Booleans
    6. Null variable
    7. Using variables
  3. Script anatomy
    1. Programming in Rhino
    2. The bones
    3. The guts
    4. The skin
  4. Operators and functions
    1. What on earth are they and why should I care?
    2. Logical operators
    3. Functions and methods
    4. A simple function example
    5. Advanced function syntax
  5. Conditional execution
    1. What if?
    2. Select case
    3. Conditional loops
    4. Alternative syntax
    5. Incremental loops
  6. Arrays
    1. My favourite things
    2. Points and Vectors
    3. An AddVector() example
    4. Nested arrays
  7. Geometry
    1. The opennurbs kernel
    2. Objects in Rhino
    3. Points and Pointclouds
    4. Lines and Polylines
    5. Planes
    6. Circles, Ellipses and Arcs
      1. Ellipses
      2. Arcs
    7. NURBs Curves
      1. Control-point curves
      2. Interpolated curves
      3. Geometric curve properties
    8. Meshes
      1. Geometry vs. Topology
      2. Shape vs. Image
    9. Surfaces
      1. NURBs Surfaces
      2. Surface Curvature
      3. Vector And Tensor Spaces

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