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Trimming Curves with a Circle

Developer: RhinoScript
Summary: How to trim a closed curve with a circle using RhinoScript


I have a closed spline that is intersected by a circle. I want to open the closed spline by trimming out the section crossed by the circle. I am trying to use RhinoScript's TrimCurve method, but I am not having much success. Help!


With TrimCurve, if the input curve is closed, then the trimming interval should decrease.

For example:

 Option Explicit
 Sub CircleTrimmer
   ' Local variable declarations
   Dim curve, circle, ccx, ccx_t(1), interval
   ' Select closed curve to split
   curve = Rhino.GetObject("Select closed curve to split", 4)
   If IsNull(curve) Then Exit Sub
   If Not Rhino.IsCurveClosed(curve) Then Exit Sub
   ' Select circle to split with    
   circle = Rhino.GetObject("Select circle to split with", 4)
   If IsNull(circle) Then Exit Sub
   If Not Rhino.IsCircle(circle) Then Exit Sub
   ' Intersect the two curves
   ccx = Rhino.CurveCurveIntersection(curve, circle)
   If IsNull(ccx) Then
     Rhino.Print "Curve and circle do not intersect"
     Exit Sub
   End If
   ' Make sure there are only two intersection events
   If UBound(ccx) <> 1 Then
     Rhino.Print "Unable to split curve"
     Exit Sub
   End If
   ' Get two intersection parameters on the curve
   ccx_t(0) = ccx(0,5)
   ccx_t(1) = ccx(1,5)
   ' If the input curve is closed and the interval is decreasing,
   ' then the portion of the curve across the start and end of the
   ' curve is returned.
   If ccx_t(0) < ccx_t(1) Then
     interval = Array(ccx_t(1), ccx_t(0))
     interval = Array(ccx_t(0), ccx_t(1))
   End If
   ' Trim the curve
   Rhino.TrimCurve curve, interval
 End Sub
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