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Move Surface Grips using RhinoScript

Developer: RhinoScript
Summary: Demonstrates how to move a surface's grip objects using RhinoScript.


The following example RhinoScript demonstrates how to move a surfaces grip objects using RhinoScript. In this sample, we assume that the document contains a surface with the object name of Hull that has preselected grip objects that we wish to move. The grips will be moved a fixed distance of 0.5 units in the normal direction of the surface at that grip location.

 Option Explicit
 ' Moves a surface grip
 Sub MoveSurfaceGrip
   ' The name of the surface we are going to manipulate
   Dim object_name
   object_name = "Hull"
   ' The distance to move the control point(s)  
   Dim distance
   distance = 0.5
   ' Find the object by object_name
   Dim object_list
   object_list = Rhino.ObjectsByName(object_name)
   If Not IsArray(object_list) Then
     Rhino.Print "Object not found."
     Exit Sub
   End If
   ' In case more than one were found,
   ' use the first on in the array
   Dim object_id
   object_id = object_list(0)
   ' Make sure is really is a surface
   If Not Rhino.IsSurface(object_id) Then
     Rhino.Print "Object is not a surface."
     Exit Sub
   End If
   ' Get all of the selected grips      
   Dim grip_list
   grip_list = Rhino.SelectedObjectGrips(object_id)
   If Not IsArray(grip_list) Then
     Rhino.Print "No grips selected."
     Exit Sub
   End If
   ' Process each grip    
   Dim grip_idx, grip_pt, new_pt, uv
   Dim normal_pts, normal, normal_scaled
   For Each grip_idx In grip_list
     ' Get the grip's location
     grip_pt = Rhino.ObjectGripLocation(object_id, grip_idx)
     ' Find the parameter on the surface closest to the location
     uv = Rhino.SurfaceClosestPoint(object_id, grip_pt)
     ' Find the normal to the parameter
     normal_pts = Rhino.SurfaceNormal(object_id, uv)
     ' Create a vector from the results
     normal = VectorCreate( normal_pts(0), normal_pts(1) )
     ' Scale the vector based on the specified distance
     normal_scaled = VectorScale( normal, distance )
     ' Modify the point location
     new_pt = PointAddVector( grip_pt, normal_scaled )
     ' Update the grip location
     Rhino.ObjectGripLocation object_id, grip_idx, new_pt
 End Sub
 ' NOTE, V4 contains a number of vector related
 ' functions. Thus, the following would not be
 ' necessary if we were scripting in V4.
 ' Creates a 3D vector from 2- 3D points  
 Function VectorCreate(p1, p2)
   VectorCreate = Null
   If Not IsArray(p1) Or (UBound(p1) <> 2) Then Exit Function
   If Not IsArray(p2) Or (UBound(p2) <> 2) Then Exit Function
   VectorCreate =  Array(p2(0) - p1(0), p2(1) - p1(1), p2(2) - p1(2))
 End Function
 ' Scale a 3D vector
 Function VectorScale(v, d)
   VectorScale = Null
   If Not IsArray(v) Or (UBound(v) <> 2) Then Exit Function
   If Not IsNumeric(d) Then Exit Function
   VectorScale = Array(v(0) * d, v(1) * d, v(2) * d)
 End Function
 ' Adds a 3D vector to a 3D point
 Function PointAddVector(p, v)
   PointAddVector = Null
   If Not IsArray(p) Or (UBound(p) <> 2) Then Exit Function
   If Not IsArray(v) Or (UBound(v) <> 2) Then Exit Function
   PointAddVector = Array(p(0) + v(0), p(1) + v(1), p(2) + v(2))
 End Function

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