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Multiple Pipe Script

Developer: RhinoScript
Summary: Demonstrates how to 'pipe' multiple curves at a time using RhinoScript.

Rhino's Pipe command creates a surface with a circular profile around a curve. The command works on one curve at a time. That is, if you have n number of curves to pipe, you have to run the Pipe command n number of times.


The following sample RhinoScript code will allow you to pipe multiple curves at a time.

 ' PipeAll.rvb -- September 2008
 ' If this code works, it was written by Rajaa Issa.
 ' If not, I don't know who wrote it.
 ' Works with Rhino 4.0.
 Option Explicit
 Sub PipeOne(strRail, strRadius)
   Dim strCmd
   strCmd = "! _-Pipe _SelID " & strRail & " " & strRadius & " _Cap=_Round _Enter _Enter"
   Call Rhino.Command(strCmd, 0)
 End Sub
 Sub PipeAll
  Dim arrCurves, name, pipeRadius
  arrCurves = Rhino.GetObjects("Select curves to pipe", 4)
  pipeRadius = Rhino.GetReal("Pipe radius")
  If IsArray(arrCurves) Then
   For Each name In arrCurves
    Call PipeOne(name, pipeRadius)
  End If
 End Sub
 Rhino.AddStartupScript Rhino.LastLoadedScriptFile
 Rhino.AddAlias "PipeAll", "_NoEcho _-RunScript (PipeAll)"

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