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More on Sorting Key-Value Pairs

Developer: RhinoScript
Summary: Demonstrates how to sort an array of key-value pairs in RhinoScript.

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How does one sort an array of key-value pairs using RhinoScript?


The .NET Framework's SortedList class provides a hash table with automatically sorted key-value pairs. The available methods and properties for SortedList are very similar to the ones available in ArrayList

The following sample code creates a SortedList and populates it with some key-value pairs:

Set SortedList = CreateObject("System.Collections.Sortedlist")
SortedList.Add "First", "Hello"
SortedList.Add "Second", ","
SortedList.Add "Third", "Rhino"
SortedList.Add "Fourth", "!"
For i = 0 To SortedList.Count - 1
  Rhino.Print SortedList.GetKey(i) & vbTab & SortedList.GetByIndex(i)

Note, SortedList only sorts the list by keys. It is not possible to sort the list by values.

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