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 +====== Drawing Steel Shapes ======
 +> **Developer:​** //​[[developer:​rhinoscript|RhinoScript]]//​
 +> **Summary:​** //​Demonstrates how to draw steel shapes using RhinoScript.//​
 +Do you know of any script routines to draw standard steel shapes, such as channels, flanges and angles?
 +The following sample script demonstrates how to draw four different steel shapes:
 +  - Angles
 +  - Channels
 +  - T-Sections
 +  - Wide Flanges
 +The script subroutines look up shape parameters in a configuration,​ or INI file. Thus, the script can be easily extended to draw additional sizes by simply modifying the configuration file.
 +For installation,​ see the "​Readme.txt"​ file found in the downloadable zip file.
 +**[[http://​​_media/​legacy/​en/​|Download the script here!]]**
 +{{tag>​Developer RhinoScript}}
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