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Macros, Scripts, Toolbars, and Workspaces

This page is a collection of links to tools which experienced Rhino users have developed and graciously are willing to share. These could be individual macros, RhinoScripts, toolbars with custom tools, or whole workspaces (toolbar collections). At the bottom of the page, you will also find links to some tutorials on how to create your own tools.


Macros are string of Rhino commands and command options that allow you to create an automated sequence of operations. This macro (sequence) can then be repeated at the push of a toolbar button or by typing an alias.

For more complex tasks, macros are insufficient. They lack the ability to make complex calculations, store and retrieve data, analyze that data and make conditional decisions, or reach deep into the inner workings of Rhino. For this, one needs a real programming tool. The simplest and most accessible of these is RhinoScript — a version of VBscript adapted to Rhino — or Python (Rhino 5), which also includes its version of RhinoScript syntax. When we talk about scripts we are usually referring to functions written with Rhinoscript or Python.

There is a wealth of information about scripting at Rhino Developer Tools.

Plug-ins are even more sophisticated tools: Real compiled computer programs that can be integrated into Rhino. These can range from simple script-like functions to complex, full blown programs for doing rendering, animation, machining, etc. For plug-ins, please visit the Rhino resources page, Rhino Labs, or go to some of the external sites listed in the first section below.

How to use this page

All of the stuff below is free for you to download. If you use someone's tool to do a job or end up modifying it for further use, please credit or thank the original author! Below there are some links to pages explaining how to import, install and set up macros, scripts and toolbars.

For those desiring to share their macros or scripts here there are several possibilities. In the first section you may put links to your external sites that have scripts available. In the second section, you may upload individual scripts or macros to this site with an internal link. In the third section, you may share custom toolbars or workspaces (.tb or .rui files).

Tutorials and instructions

How to create macros. A basic tutorial on writing macros (strings of Rhino commands to automate a procedure).

How to set up macros and scripts to run in Rhino. It's easy! This page explains how to do it.

How to import new toolbars into your workspace. How to install the toolbars downloaded here or from other sources, as well as how to export toolbars for sharing.

External sites with scripts available

Note: If you would like your site listed here please put a link and a brief description of what you offer. If you have a lot of scripts you would like to share and no website, we can create a page for you here.

Jess Maertterer - Rhino3DE site. Various scripts, plug-ins and tutorials

Thomas Anagnostou - Scripts. Includes GearGen (involute gears), Harmony (distribute), IsoMatch, etc.

Clement Greiner - Scripts. Scripts and RhinoScript Functions.

G.C. Webster - Scripts. Scripts, workspace, and macros. Enjoy!

Parametric Kite Design with Rhino. An article at using Python to generate RhinoScripts for parametric kite design.

David Rutten - wiki page. David's page lists many scripts developed for Rhino (formerly on his site, now closed)

Scripts or macros

Note: Here, you may upload and post links to individual scripts or macros. Please indicate the version of Rhino this is for and try to keep your contributions up-to-date.

Named View Manager v0.7.1 by Mattias D'Hooghe
Named View Manager aims to replace and extend the standard Named Views dialog box. It lets you:

  • Add, rename and delete Named Views
  • Restore Named Views in quick and fancy ways
  • Attach Layer States to Named Views
  • Attach “CPlanes” to Named Views
  • Create live slideshow presentations!

See readme text in .zip file for install instructions.

Custom intersection script by Emilio Morello
The script allows selection of two sets of objects and returns the intersection curves between the sets without the intersections within each set.

Drawer script for carpenters/interiorbuilders by Tobias Nagel
With this script you can create and edit classic (grooved or rebated) drawers with front and back pieces in between the sides. All measurements will be calculated based on the available space inside the cabinet and material and drawer rail thickness. See the included manual for installation and usage instructions.

Smart Target and Level Camera scripts by Sam Page
The Smart Target script will note the state of Project Osnaps and Disable Osnaps, turn the project off if its current state is on, and turn Osnaps on if they are off, let you select your new target, then return Project and Disable Osnaps to their original respective states. The Level Camera script takes out any roll that is in the camera, and sets the target z value equal to the camera z value.

Fit Volume
Scales selected solid (closed polysurface) object to given volume in litres. Currently, script works with unit settings to millimetres, metres or no units.

Macro Collection
Various small user-created macros for automating tasks and speeding up your workflow.

Inverter v1.0 by Daniel Piker
This inverts objects with respect to any given sphere. Inversion is a mathematical way of turning things inside out. See txt file in zip for instructions.

Tools by Peter Harris
I turned my scripts into a plug-in (using Monkey) so now there's just one plug-in with many commands, making setup easy.

Dimension Layer Tools by Don Lewis
Includes five commands for creating and manipulating layers to keep your dimensions on.

Custom toolbars

Custom workspaces

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