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 +====== Using ActiveX Controls in Plug-ins ======
 +> **Developer:​** //​[[developer:​cplusplusplugins|C++]]//​
 +> **Summary:​** //Discusses how to use ActiveX controls in C++ plug-ins.//
 +===== Question =====
 +I am facing a critical problem regarding a C++ plug-in under Rhino: any ActiveX controls placed in a simple dialog box will crash Rhino. What can I do solve this?
 +===== Answer =====
 +ActiveX, or OLE, controls work in Rhino plug-ins, as plug-in are simply regular MFC DLLs. For more information on MFC DLLs, read [[http://​​en-us/​library/​hw85e4bb(v=VS.80).aspx|MFC Technical Note 33]] and [[http://​​en-us/​library/​ft1t4bbc(v=VS.80).aspx|MFC Technical Note 58]] for more information.
 +Also, you will need to call this function:
 +<code c++>
 +void AfxEnableControlContainer();​
 +in your CWinApp-derived object'​s InitInstance() member to enable support for
 +containment of OLE controls.
 +[[http://​​en-us/​library/​k194shk8(v=VS.80).aspx|More information on MFC ActiveX Controls...]]
 +{{tag>​Developer cplusplus}}
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