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Split a Set of BReps with a Plane

Developer: .NET
Summary: Demonstrates how to make a command that splits a bunch of BReps with a plane.
Notice: The Rhino.NET SDK is deprecated in Rhino 5. This example adapted for the new RhinoCommon SDK is here.

Project details

This is a VB.NET 2005 project containing plug-in source code for Rhino 4. It is a complete command class with comments.

This command works as follows:

  1. It asks the user to select a set of (poly)surfaces.
  2. It asks the user for three points that specify a plane.
  3. It calculates cutting plane surfaces through each BRep.
  4. It splits the BRep with the plane. If the split was successful, the old objects are deleted and the new ones are inserted.

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