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 +======Zoo 4.0 - License Manager======
 +[[http://​​zoo/​zoo4|{{ :​zoo4:​zoologo_white.png?​256|Zoo 4.0}}]]
 +=====Getting Started=====
 +  - Download and install **[[http://​​zoo/​4.0/​release/​download/​|Zoo 4.0]]** on a Windows-based server or workstation.
 +  - Install Rhino, Flamingo, Penguin, Brazil, and Bongo on any or all of the computers in your network as workgroup nodes. ​
 +  - The Zoo is designed to work right out of the box - there is no configuring necessary other than adding your licenses (CD-Keys), and then configuring these products to run as workgroup nodes.
 +  - From the Zoo **Edit** menu, select **Add** and type the CD-Keys.
 +  - License key numbers (CD-Keys) are located inside the back cover of the application User's Guide or in the front of the CD case. 
 +  - Tip: Put all your CD keys into a text file with one on each line. Use **File -> Import** to import them into the Zoo.
 +  - See the Zoo Help file for additional details. ​
 +If you have Rhino 5 for Windows or Mac, you need [[http://​​download/​zoo/​6/​latest|Zoo 6]].
 +[[::​zoo:​products|Complete List of Compatible Products ]]
 +[[zoo4:​troubleshooting|Troubleshooting Guide]]\\
 +[[rhino:​licensemanagererrors:​advanced|License Manager Troubleshooting]]\\
 +[[zoo4:​installation|Installation and Configuration Guide]]\\
 +[[http://​​category/​zoo|Support Forum]]
 +===== Knowledgebase =====
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