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 +======Start Rhino for Mac With Enhanced Event Logging====== ​
 +Related: [[rhino:​mac:​consolemessages|Gathering Console Messages from Rhino for Mac]]
 +It is sometimes necessary to start Rhino with event logging to diagnose start up or licensing problems. ​ Following are the steps for starting Rhino with logging: ​
 +1) Open a **Terminal** session from Launchpad or Spotlight.
 +2) Start **Rhinoceros** using this command:
 +   /​Applications/​​Contents/​MacOS/​Rhinoceros -RhinoLog
 +3) Close the error dialog you get when starting Rhino and run the **Console** application from Launchpad or Spotlight.
 +4) Navigate to **~/​Library/​Logs/​Rhinoceros** in the control on the left.
 +5) Click on the Rhinoceros.log item and choose **Reveal in Finder** and upload to this post or select **Mail** and send it to
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