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 +=====Understanding Usage Statistics=====
 +Usage statistics help us prioritize the features and improvements we should work on. 
 +Usage statistics contain information such as preferences,​ feature use, file types used, operating system version, and memory use. A random number is stored on your computer and is sent with each report. This allows us to differentiate between one person experiencing a problem 100 times, and 100 people each experiencing a problem once. This number is not used to identify you. 
 +Rhino does not collect geometry or other data in files you create or open. Usage statistics do not contain information that allows us to reproduce geometry you create. ​
 +====To Enable or Disable Usage Statistics:​====
 +    - From the **Tools** menu, click **Options**.
 +    - In the **Updates and Statistics** tab, select or clear the **Enable automatic updates and usage statistics** checkbox.
 +    - Enter your e-mail address in the **Send my e-mail address with usage statistics field** to send it with statistics from your computer. McNeel may e-mail you to learn more about how you use Rhino.
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