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 +======Display Troubleshooting:​ AMD ======
 +These instructions are for computers that have **AMD/ATI** graphics hardware.\\
 +This includes **FirePro** and **Radeon** cards. ​
 +If you are not sure if your computer is running AMD/ATI, please go to the **[[rhino:​5:​video:​troubleshooting:​failure|Video Troubleshooting section]]** for additional instructions.
 +**To determine which AMD/ATI adapter Rhino sees in your computer:**
 +  - Start **Rhino**.
 +  - On the **Tools** menu, click **Options**.
 +  - Find and expand the **View** tab (located near the bottom of the list on the left), and then click **OpenGL**.
 +  - Under **Video Hardware & Driver Information**,​ note the **video card adapter**, second line.
 +If your computer has a **ATI Radeon** card, go **[[rhino:​5:​video:​troubleshooting:​amd:​radeon|here]]**.
 +If your computer has a **ATI FirePro** card, go **[[rhino:​5:​video:​troubleshooting:​amd:​firepro|here]]**.
 +>​**Note**:​ This wiki page is part of a troubleshooting wizard. [[http://​​rhino/​5/​video/​troubleshooting |Start from the beginning]].
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