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 +==== Install Error 1619- Rhino 6 ====
 +Package Open Failed (-2147023277)
 +> **Summary:** //How to fix the installation Error 1619//
 +A file related to the installation of Rhino has become corrupted.
 +**Step 1: Disable your Virus Scanner**
 +  - Some virus and malware scanners can delete files that Rhino is using during the installation. In general, keep your virus scanner enabled at all times.
 +  - Disable your virus scanner temporarily.
 +  - Download the most recent Rhino 6 installer here: [[|Rhino 6 complete download]]
 +  - Run the file you downloaded to start the installation process.
 +  - If the installer fails, save a copy of the log file to your desktop.
 +  - Enable your virus scanner.
 +**Still not working?**
 +That's frustrating. We're sorry! Please email the install log file to