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 +======How to Send a Rhino Crash Report======
 +If Rhino crashes, send in a crash report so that it can be included in //things that need fixed//.
 +  *   Can you repeat the crash? If so, the developers would like the specific details necessary to repeat the crash. A repeatable problem is the only good way to find and fix software problems.
 +  *   If there is enough memory available when Rhino crashes, the crash report system starts. Enter your email address and describe what you were trying to do when Rhino crashed. A short list of the commands you were using just prior to the crash can be helpful.
 +  *   If possible, check the box to send your 3DM file with the report.
 +  *   If you include your email address and a description,​ **your report is analyzed by a human**. If you do not include your email address and a description,​ we use an automated process to analyze the crash report.
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