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   * [[macantiailiasing|Antialiasing settings in Rhino for Mac]]   * [[macantiailiasing|Antialiasing settings in Rhino for Mac]]
   * [[autosaving|Autosaving and versions in macOS]]   * [[autosaving|Autosaving and versions in macOS]]
-     * [[lionsaving|Everything you learned about saving files is wrong]] 
   * [[keyboardshortcuts|How to create keyboard shortcuts]]   * [[keyboardshortcuts|How to create keyboard shortcuts]]
   * [[customizingtheleftsidebarpalette|Customizing the Left Sidebar Palette]]   * [[customizingtheleftsidebarpalette|Customizing the Left Sidebar Palette]]
   * [[startwindow|Rhino for Mac Start window]]   * [[startwindow|Rhino for Mac Start window]]
   * [[:​rhino:​acadaliases|Using AutoCAD Aliases in Rhino]]   * [[:​rhino:​acadaliases|Using AutoCAD Aliases in Rhino]]
 +  * [[rhino:​basicmacros|How to create macros]]
 +  * [[developer:​macroscriptsetup|How to integrate macros/​scripts into your workspace]]
 ==== Rhino 5 for Mac (previous version)==== ==== Rhino 5 for Mac (previous version)====
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