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-====== ​Will Grasshopper ​run in Rhino 5 for Mac? ====== +====== Grasshopper能在Rhino 5 for Mac裡執行嗎? ====== 
-> **Summary:** //No. The Grasshopper 1 for Windows ​plug-in will only run in Rhino V5 for Windows, but keep reading//+> **摘要:** //​Grasshopper 1 for Windows外掛只能在Rhino V5 for Windows內執行。但請繼續讀下去//
-Widely used plugins written for Rhino 5 for Windows ​can not be used in Rhino 5 for Mac.  This includes ​GrasshopperVrayMatrixRhinoGold, etc. There are a specialized few written using RhinoCommon ​and Eto. These can be found on [[http://​|Food4Rhino]]. ​These are the only true "cross-platform" ​plug-ins that currently exist.+Rhino 5 for Windows編寫且廣泛使用的外掛無法在Rhino 5 for Mac裡執行,包括GrasshopperVrayMatrixRhinoGold等等。 有一些是用RhinoCommonEto編寫的,可以在[[http://​|Food4Rhino]]上找到這些才是目前唯一真正的"跨平台"外掛。
-There is an incomplete, ​"Work In Progress" ​implementation of Grasshopper 1 for Mac included in the RhinoWIP ​- Work In Progress (WIP) builds It is not production ready. ​ Since it is incomplete, the command name is "​ExplicitHistory."+RhinoWIP包含了一個不完整的, ​"Work In Progress" ​建構中的Grasshopper 1 for Mac版本- Work In Progress (WIP). ​這個版本尚未準備生產,由於其不完整性,指令為"​ExplicitHistory"​
-Grasshopper ​will not be included as part of Rhino 5 for Mac product life cycle.  ​Grasshopper 1 will be part of the Rhino 6 for Mac shared codebase, so Grasshopper ​1 will eventually be included in Rhino 6 for Mac (if all goes according to plan).  After Rhino 6 for Windows ​is released, then Rhino 6 for Mac will shift to the shared version ​codebase. ​ There is no estimate of when this work will be completed.+Grasshopper不會被當作Rhino  5 for Mac產品生命週期的一部分。 ​Grasshopper 1將會是Rhino 6 for Mac的共享代碼庫一部份,所以Grasshopper最終將被包括在Rhino 6 for Mac(如果按照我們的計畫進行的話)。 Rhino 6 for Windows發佈之後,Rhino 6 for Mac將轉移到共享版本6代碼庫。 我們尚未預計這項工程何時完成。
-Anyone that owns a Rhino 5 for Mac license can [[https://​​rhino/​mac/​wip|participate in the Rhino WIP]].+擁有Rhino 5 for Mac使用者授權可以[[https://​​rhino/​mac/​wip|參與Rhino WIP]].
-[[https://​​c/​grasshopper/​grasshopperformac|Click here For more information about Grasshopper for Mac]]+[[https://​​c/​grasshopper/​grasshopperformac|到此了解更多關於Grasshopper for Mac的資訊]]
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