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 ====== SectionTools Plugin for Rhinoceros 4.0 and 5.0 WIP ====== ====== SectionTools Plugin for Rhinoceros 4.0 and 5.0 WIP ======
-> **摘要:** 3D动态面及2D面资料会被存在资料夹中并且随着模型的变更进行更新。+> **摘要:** 3D动态面及2D面资料会被存在资料夹中并且随着模型的变更进行更新。
 \\ \\
 \\ \\
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 以下小视频涵盖SectionTools所有主要功能,每个影片约30秒左右。 以下小视频涵盖SectionTools所有主要功能,每个影片约30秒左右。
-|1- 建立面|+|1- 建立面|
 |{{:​labs:​createasection.swf?​400x300|create section clip (need flash addon)}}| |{{:​labs:​createasection.swf?​400x300|create section clip (need flash addon)}}|
-|2- 建立多个平行的面|+|2- 建立多个平行的面|
 |{{:​labs:​createarray.swf?​400x300|create array of sections clip (need flash addon)}}| |{{:​labs:​createarray.swf?​400x300|create array of sections clip (need flash addon)}}|
-|3- 指定断面线的属性、实体模式、剖面线样式及面线方向。|+|3- 指定断面线的属性、实体模式、剖面线样式及面线方向。|
 |{{:​labs:​editsection.swf?​400x300|edit sections clip (need flash addon)}}| |{{:​labs:​editsection.swf?​400x300|edit sections clip (need flash addon)}}|
 |{{:​labs:​layout2d.swf?​400x300|sections and named view clip (need flash addon)}}| |{{:​labs:​layout2d.swf?​400x300|sections and named view clip (need flash addon)}}|
 |5- 以特定视图用特定断面线进行剖面| |5- 以特定视图用特定断面线进行剖面|
 |{{:​labs:​viewsection.swf?​400x300|view sections clip (need flash addon)}}| |{{:​labs:​viewsection.swf?​400x300|view sections clip (need flash addon)}}|
-|6- 动态实时显示面移动|+|6- 动态实时显示面移动|
 |{{:​labs:​moveallsections.swf?​400x300| move sections clip (need flash addon)}}| |{{:​labs:​moveallsections.swf?​400x300| move sections clip (need flash addon)}}|
-|7- 编辑面标签及箭头比例|+|7- 编辑面标签及箭头比例|
 |{{:​labs:​hint.swf?​400x250|edit section hint (need flash addon)}}| |{{:​labs:​hint.swf?​400x250|edit section hint (need flash addon)}}|
-|8- 已命名视图管理面|+|8- 已命名视图管理面|
 |{{:​labs:​namedview.swf?​400x250|sections and named view (need flash addon)}}| |{{:​labs:​namedview.swf?​400x250|sections and named view (need flash addon)}}|
-|9- 编辑面物件|+|9- 编辑面物件|
 |{{:​labs:​objlist.swf?​400x300| edit objects clip (need flash addon)}}| |{{:​labs:​objlist.swf?​400x300| edit objects clip (need flash addon)}}|
 |10-建立报表| |10-建立报表|
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