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Recovering Misplaced Licenses

Product: Zoo
Summary: Discusses how the Zoo can help you recover misplaced licenses.


We need to move the Zoo service to a different system. This requires us to re-add our license keys on the new system. The problem is that we are unable to locate all of our Rhino license keys. Is there a way I can just move my licenses from one Zoo system to another?


Moving the Zoo license manager software from one server to another is really no different than installing the Zoo software from scratch.

There is no way to “move” or “copy” McNeel product license keys from one Zoo server to another. Product license keys must be added to the new Zoo server just as you did with your original Zoo server.

Note, Zoo 5 Service Release 8 (SR8) or newer can export a comma-separated-value (.CSV) file that contains the serial numbers (not license keys) of all licenses maintained by the Zoo. This can be useful if you have difficulties in locating all of your product license keys. You can export the serial number and then e-mail them to McNeel, who in turn can look up your misplaced license information.

To export serial numbers, launch the Zoo Administrator (ZooAdmin.exe) and select File → Export.

To determine the version of the Zoo you are running, launch the Zoo Administrator (ZooAdmin.exe) and select Help → About.

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