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 +======License Manager Updates for Rhino 5 SR6======
 +> **Product:​** //​[[zoo:​home|Zoo]]//​
 +> **Summary:​** //Discusses Rhino 5 and Zoo 5 changes found in Service Release 6.//
 +With the release of Rhino 5, a new and improved version of the network license manager, [[http://​​zoo/​home|Zoo 5]], was also released.
 +Bongo, Brazil, Flamingo, and Penguin do not support Zoo 5 prior to Service Release 6 (SR6).
 +With both **Rhino 5 SR6** and **Zoo 5 SR6** installed, you can now use a single Zoo 5 server to float the following product licenses:
 +  * Bongo 2.0
 +  * Brazil 2.0
 +  * Flamingo nXt
 +  * Penguin 2.0
 +  * Rhino 5
 +Note, the following products **will not** work with Zoo 5 SR6:
 +  * Bongo 1.0
 +  * Flamingo 1.0
 +  * Flamingo 1.1
 +  * Flamingo 2.0
 +  * Penguin 1.0
 +  * Penguin 1.1
 +  * Rhino 4.0
 +=====More information=====
 +Rhino 5 SR6 includes a new license manager client (RhinoLM5). This replaces the old license manager client (RhinoLM).
 +When a supported McNeel plug-in product needs a license from a Zoo server, RhinoLM5 checks to see if the system is configured to use a Zoo 5 server. If configured, RhinoLM5 attempts to obtain a license from the Zoo 5 server. If no license was obtained from the Zoo 5 server, or if the Zoo 5 server was not found, then RhinoLM5 tries to obtain a license from the Zoo 4.0 server.
 +=====Technical support=====
 +Rhino and McNeel plug-in products use a license manager client to communicate with Zoo servers.
 +The file name of the license manager client used to access Zoo 4.0 servers is **RhinoLM.exe**,​ and it is installed in the following folder:
 +%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Common Files\McNeel Shared\License Manager
 +The file name of the new license manager client file, included with Rhino 5 SR6, is **RhinoLM5.exe**,​ and it is installed in the same folder.
 +If you need to revert back to the old license manager, you can run **RegRhinoLM4.exe**,​ which is found in the same folder.
 +If you need to re-register the new license manager, you can run **RegRhinoLM5.exe**. For example, if you install Rhino 5 SR5 and then you install Flamingo nXt, then you will need to run **RegRhinoLM5.exe**,​ as the Flamingo nXt installer will always register the old license manager.
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