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 +====== Zoo for OS X ======
 +> **Product:​** //​[[zoo:​home|Zoo]]//​
 +> **Summary:​** //Discusses Zoo and running it on OS X.//
 +===== Question =====
 +Currently, if we want to use Rhino for Mac with the Zoo, we have to use the version of the Zoo that runs on Microsoft Windows. Is there any plan on porting the Zoo to Apple OS X?
 +===== Answer =====
 +Yes, we are currently in the process of developing a version of the Zoo that runs on OS X. When we have something available for testing, we will make an announcement on our [[http://​​|Discourse]] discussion forum.
 +If you do not have a Windows system to run the Zoo, then you can use [[http://​​products/​fusion-pro/​|VMWare Fusion Pro]], which allows you to run Windows on a Mac.
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