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Brazil r/s 2.0 Development

Brazil r/s 2.0 for Rhino Known Issues

Summary: This page is a great place to post any bugs or problems you encounter while using the WIP or Beta release of Brazil. The development team will also post known issues here between releases so you have some idea of what we are already fixing.
  1. Caustics are not yet implemented.
  2. GI sometimes results in bucketing artifacts, especially when combined with the Toon shader.
  3. Bokeh doesn't seem to be doing anything.
  4. The shapes in the Environment Previews are not properly centered in the thumbnail.

While installing Brazil I get an error and the install never completes

See DebugInstaller for instructions on how to generate a logfile of the error and get Technical Support involved.

          The shadow is really a issue when the rendercache is toggled .I just make the floor reflective to avoid that now.

Having problems running the Brazil Educational lab license?

Can you only load one license of Brazil in your lab? Do you get ““license already in use” errors on all other lab machines?

This is a know issue with Brazil sr0 1-22-2009. To fix this issue install the update below.

Please download this update and install it on all of the machines in the lab:

Download latest Service Release

Make sure to install it on all of the machines in the lab. Please let Tech Support know if this does not fix the problem.

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