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-==== Purchase ​Rhinoceros ​Level Certification Exam ==== +==== Compre el Examen de Certificación de Rhinoceros ​Nivel 2 ==== 
-//Cost: $96, includes one test and two additional retakes//+//Costo: $96, incluye una prueba y dos tomas adicionales//
 [[https://​​app/​myTestcomURL.cfm?​accountLogin=Rhino3D1538-ES|{{:​rhino:​register-now-button-pilll-red-hi.png?​100|}}]] [[https://​​app/​myTestcomURL.cfm?​accountLogin=Rhino3D1538-ES|{{:​rhino:​register-now-button-pilll-red-hi.png?​100|}}]]
-Register for Free Practice Test:​[[https://​​app/​myTestcomURL.cfm?​accountLogin=Rhino3D1538-ES| ​here.]]+Regístrese para el examen de práctica gratuito:​[[https://​​app/​myTestcomURL.cfm?​accountLogin=Rhino3D1538-ES| ​aquí.]]
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