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 +======Cambiare l'​indirizzo IP di un server dello Zoo======
 +> **Products:​** //​[[zoo:​home|Zoo]]//​
 +> **Summary:​** //Discusses the ramifications of changing the IP address of a Zoo server//
 +We would like to change the IP Address on several of our license servers. One of these now hosts the Zoo license server service for Rhino. As this is a soft lock,  will any part of the license be disabled by changing the IP Address on the server? The host name and MAC address should remain the same.
 +Neither the Zoo installation nor the licenses it maintains are tied to the server'​s IP or MAC address. So there is not an issue with changing the IP address of the server hosting the Zoo service as far as the Zoo is concerned.
 +If your Rhino installations find the Zoo server using the server'​s (DNS) domain name, then the migration should go smoothly. If your Rhino installations find the Zoo using the server'​s IP address, then each workstation will need to be redirected.
 +=====More information=====
 +[[zoo:​findzooserverwin|How does Rhino find a Zoo Server?]]
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