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Cambiare l'indirizzo IP di un server dello Zoo

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Summary: Discusses the ramifications of changing the IP address of a Zoo server


We would like to change the IP Address on several of our license servers. One of these now hosts the Zoo license server service for Rhino. As this is a soft lock, will any part of the license be disabled by changing the IP Address on the server? The host name and MAC address should remain the same.


Neither the Zoo installation nor the licenses it maintains are tied to the server's IP or MAC address. So there is not an issue with changing the IP address of the server hosting the Zoo service as far as the Zoo is concerned.

If your Rhino installations find the Zoo server using the server's (DNS) domain name, then the migration should go smoothly. If your Rhino installations find the Zoo using the server's IP address, then each workstation will need to be redirected.

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