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Flamingo nXt adds many features such as decals (a specific type of texture mapping), more advanced materials, large material libraries and also a plant generator.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) and rendering tips & tricks

  • What does the 'source radius' do? The radius of the emitter of light, which creates soft shadows. – Jeff Taylor
  • What are the settings for the best quality picture? If there were one group of best settings, there would be no need for controls to alter them.
  • What if I do not have any Flamingo 5 Materials in the Libraries panel? -Details here.
  • Where is a gallery to post my best pics? You can submit your images to the Flamingo gallery.

Resources and models

AccuStudio - Lots of free objects, materials, plants and textures.

DOSCH DESIGN - Architecture, 3D models, scenes, textures and images.


Legacy questions (FAQ) from older versions of Flamingo

  • How do I render with light domes? In an attempt to start this page with some kind of organization I've popped the lightdome stuff onto two different pages which are linked through from the table below. Hopefully as I learn more about how to program this wiki I'll be able to make it all a bit neater. – Keith Wilkinson

Flamingo test commands

These test commands are intended for internal development use, but may be helpful in some specific situations. They are not documented.

  • FlamingoTestsetgammacorrection - V2 beta
    • Sets the gamma correction

What would you like to see on this wiki page?

  • Hints and tips on rendering techniques. – Jeff Taylor
    • How to set the depth of field correctly
    • Good rendering practices
      • See the tutorials listed above
  • Has anyone seen any fabric or cloth material libraries for Flamingo 2.0?
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