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よく寄せられる質問 (FAQ)


My Flamingo will not install on Rhino 5.0 Installation instructions

Flamingo SDK (Software Developers Kit)

Flamingo Render Farm

Rendering Tips and Tricks

Why is my rendering slow?

Click here for Flamingo performance tuning tips. A detailed article on tuning the speed performance of Flamingo.

How do I do rendering with lightdomes?

In an attempt to start this page with some kind of organisation I've popped the lightdome stuff onto 2 different pages which are linked through from the table below. Hopefully as I learn more about how to programme this Wiki I'll be able to make it all a bit neater. – KeithWilkinson -

What does the 'source radius' do? -- Jeff Taylor

The radius of the emitter of light, which creates soft shadows.

How do I make realistic looking grass?

Click here Heath's grass

Has anyone seen any fabric or cloth material libraries for Flamingo 2.0?

User Images

Resources, Models, Tutorials

Accustudio Lots of free objects, materials, plants and textures.

Dosch Design products Architecture 3D models, scenes, textures and images.

Arroway Architectural Textures Low-resolution download free. High-resolution purchase for very reasonable prices.


Flamingo Test Commands

These “test” commands are intended for internal development use, but may be helpful in some specific situations. They are not documented.

  • FlamingoTestsetgammacorrection - V2 beta
    • Sets the gamma correction

Wiki Page Suggestions

What would you like to see on this WIKI page?

  • Hints and tips on rendering techniques. – Jeff Taylor
    • How to set the depth of field correctly
    • Good rendering practises
      • See the tutorials listed above
    • Settings for the best quality picture
    • A gallery to post your best pics.
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