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 +======Rhino for Mac からコンソールメッセージを収集する======
 +Related: [[rhino:​mac:​startupwithlog|Start Rhino for Mac With Enhanced Event Logging]]
 +It is sometimes necessary for a developer or tech support to request console log messages from Rhino to diagnose a bug or crash.
 +**To find Console messages**
 +  - In **Applications > Utilities**,​ start the **Console** program. ​ This can also be found from Spotlight or Launchpad.
 +  - In the left column, click **All Messages**.
 +  - In the **Filter** box, type **rhinoceros**.
 +You now have a number of log messages about Rhino. A number of messages probably with nearly the same date and time. 
 +**To select and send these messages** ​
 +  - Click the latest one, and scroll to the earliest message you want to send to McNeel.  ​
 +  - **Shift+click** this message to select all the messages in between.
 +  - Press **Command+C** to copy the messages.
 +  - Start a new email message
 +  - Paste the messages into the body of the email. Include an explanation why you are sending us these console messages.
 +  - Send this to <​>​ with a descriptive message.
 +Quit **Console**.
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