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 +====== Rhino for Mac 起動時のウィンドウ ======
 +When Rhino for Mac starts, the start window lists your recently opened models on the right side of the window.
 +The most recent model is already highlighted,​ and pressing Return will open that model. ​ You can select a different model by pressing the up or down arrow keys.  You can also type the first few letters of a model name to select a model by name.  Once you have selected the desired model, press Return to open it.
 +The same window provides access to the template files. ​ Click the //Show Templates// button in the bottom right corner of the window to switch the list to the template files. ​ Alternatively,​ you can press Command-T to switch to the template list.  Clicking the //Show Recent Models// button or pressing Command-R returns you to the Recent Models list.
 +Create your own templates in Rhino with the File > Save As Template... menu choice. ​ Your custom templates will be displayed at the top of the Templates list.  You can pick one template file to be your default template file by right-clicking on a template model and selecting //Make "​XXX"​ the default template// in the context menu.  Your custom template models also have a //Show in Finder// menu choice. ​ You can use this to locate the template file and edit the template contents, change its name, or delete the template.
 +The //Open Other...// button (Command-O) on this window starts the Open file dialog so that you can choose any Rhino model. ​ The //New Model// button (Command-N) will create a new modeling window using your current default template as the starting content.
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