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Rhino for Mac 起動時のウィンドウ

When Rhino for Mac starts, the start window lists your recently opened models on the right side of the window.

The most recent model is already highlighted, and pressing Return will open that model. You can select a different model by pressing the up or down arrow keys. You can also type the first few letters of a model name to select a model by name. Once you have selected the desired model, press Return to open it.

The same window provides access to the template files. Click the Show Templates button in the bottom right corner of the window to switch the list to the template files. Alternatively, you can press Command-T to switch to the template list. Clicking the Show Recent Models button or pressing Command-R returns you to the Recent Models list.

Create your own templates in Rhino with the File > Save As Template… menu choice. Your custom templates will be displayed at the top of the Templates list. You can pick one template file to be your default template file by right-clicking on a template model and selecting Make “XXX” the default template in the context menu. Your custom template models also have a Show in Finder menu choice. You can use this to locate the template file and edit the template contents, change its name, or delete the template.

The Open Other… button (Command-O) on this window starts the Open file dialog so that you can choose any Rhino model. The New Model button (Command-N) will create a new modeling window using your current default template as the starting content.

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