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 +====== ユーザーの方が作成されたツールバー ======
 +==Custom Toolbars or Workspaces with macros and scripts for various applications==
 +[[people:​mitchheynick|MaqueTools toolbar by Mitch Heynick]]
 +//Set of toolbars with custom scripts//\\
 +--More details on the next page
 +The MirrorRotateAxes toolbar **//for V4//** provides for 1 click mirroring of objects about X, Y and Z axes; rotating +/- 90º and 180º about the origin or a pick point, Symmetry, etc.
 +[[http://​​_media/​legacy/​en/​|V3 version of MirrorRotateAxes]]
 +{{:​legacy:​en:​|HideGroup Toolbar}}
 +The HideGroup toolbar allows you to hide and show individual sets, or groups of objects. Four pre-defined named grouping buttons are provided, as is the ability to create your own named set, or group, of hidden objects.
 +{{:​legacy:​en:​|ChangeObjectColor Toolbar}}
 +The ChangeObjectColor toolbar allows you to quickly modify the color of selected objects. Object can be restored to "color by layer" by right clicking on any button.
 +{{:​legacy:​en:​|ColorAssignment Toolbar}}
 +An alternative toolbar designed to quickly assign wireframe and/or render colors to objects using the color picker dialog box. A right click restores the "color by layer" condition. Written in VB/​RhinoScript.
 +{{:​legacy:​en:​|Ortho Angle Toolbar}}
 +Toolbar to quickly set commonly used ortho angles, 10º, 15º, 22.5º, 30º, 45º, 60º, 90º, make more of your own if needed.
 +[[MillToolsToolbar|Mill Tools Workspace]]
 +Here is a small workspace for importing milling cutters directly into Rhino as geometry. ​ Installation instructions on the next page.
 +[[http://​​wiki/​tiki-index.php?​pageFree+Tutorials+and+Models|JB Mesh Tools Toolbar]]
 +A collection of tools for creating and editing mesh objects. Nearly 200 tools to date. This toolbar can be downloaded from the T-Splines Wiki page...
 +{{:​legacy:​en:​|Isolate/​ Unisolate Selection}}
 +This is a macro w/ Toolbar that functions similarly to the Isolate Selection function in 3DS Max.  It is quite useful when you want to work on an individual section of a model without dealing with layer assignments or visibility settings. ​ Note: Unisolate will only show objects hidden when the isolate command is invoked, so you don't need to worry about all of your hidden objects coming back.
 +{{:​legacy:​en:​|Les'​s Grid/Snap Toolbar}}
 +I have to admit I am a grid snapping freak, so I use the grid tools a lot. So I made a toolbar where you can quickly adjust the grid spacing and the snapping in all viewports at once. The tooltip will list 3 numbers when you hover over the grid spacing buttons:
 +Minor Spacing / Major Spacing / Grid Extents (eg, 10/50/500)
 +[[ToolbarProblems|Toolbar problems?]]
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