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Custom Toolbars or Workspaces with macros and scripts for various applications

MaqueTools toolbar by Mitch Heynick Set of toolbars with custom scripts
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MirrorRotateAxes The MirrorRotateAxes toolbar for V4 provides for 1 click mirroring of objects about X, Y and Z axes; rotating +/- 90º and 180º about the origin or a pick point, Symmetry, etc.

V3 version of MirrorRotateAxes

HideGroup Toolbar The HideGroup toolbar allows you to hide and show individual sets, or groups of objects. Four pre-defined named grouping buttons are provided, as is the ability to create your own named set, or group, of hidden objects.

ChangeObjectColor Toolbar The ChangeObjectColor toolbar allows you to quickly modify the color of selected objects. Object can be restored to “color by layer” by right clicking on any button.

ColorAssignment Toolbar An alternative toolbar designed to quickly assign wireframe and/or render colors to objects using the color picker dialog box. A right click restores the “color by layer” condition. Written in VB/RhinoScript.

Ortho Angle Toolbar Toolbar to quickly set commonly used ortho angles, 10º, 15º, 22.5º, 30º, 45º, 60º, 90º, make more of your own if needed.

Mill Tools Workspace Here is a small workspace for importing milling cutters directly into Rhino as geometry. Installation instructions on the next page.

JB Mesh Tools Toolbar A collection of tools for creating and editing mesh objects. Nearly 200 tools to date. This toolbar can be downloaded from the T-Splines Wiki page…

Isolate/ Unisolate Selection This is a macro w/ Toolbar that functions similarly to the Isolate Selection function in 3DS Max. It is quite useful when you want to work on an individual section of a model without dealing with layer assignments or visibility settings. Note: Unisolate will only show objects hidden when the isolate command is invoked, so you don't need to worry about all of your hidden objects coming back.

Les's Grid/Snap Toolbar I have to admit I am a grid snapping freak, so I use the grid tools a lot. So I made a toolbar where you can quickly adjust the grid spacing and the snapping in all viewports at once. The tooltip will list 3 numbers when you hover over the grid spacing buttons:

Minor Spacing / Major Spacing / Grid Extents (eg, 10/50/500)

Toolbar problems?

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