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Mitch Heynick's Scripted Utilities Page

Update 11.10.15 - MicMacTools v1.0 is done and uploaded! Will start revising MaqueTools soon.

This page has links for several scripts I have created over the years for myself and others.

  • The MaqueTools toolset is a collection of toolbars with both vb and Python scripts loaded in them. These can only be used in Rhino for Windows.
  • The MicMacTools toolset is a collection of Python scripts that run from aliases. They are principally aimed to use with Rhino for Mac (although they will also run in Rhino for Windows).

Both of these toolsets will only run in Rhino 5 or later, as they contain Python-based scripts which will not run in earlier versions of Rhino. All new scripts are developed in Python for cross-platform compatibility. The remaining vb-based scripts in MaqueTools will soon be replaced with Python equivalents.

Large thanks to Dale, Steve, Pascal, @ McNeel, as well as all the other scriptomaniacs that hang out on the Rhino scripting forum, for all the help and support over the years!

MaqueTools toolset

This toolset is a master toolbar with flyouts. I chose this form as it is easily portable and installable in any Windows Rhino. If you prefer to work with aliases, you might want to install the MicMacTools instead, despite the fact it is designed for Mac. They will run in Windows Rhino as well.

I use many of these tools every day. Those tools have been more or less thoroughly tested, but there still may be bugs in some of them. If you find a bug or failure, please report it to me (preferably with an example file) so I can fix it. I try to make this stuff as reliable, user-friendly, and bulletproof as possible, but there are no absolute guarantees. Use at your own risk.

What's in the collection?
How do I install MaqueTools?

The toolset is offered as a single V5 .rui file. You may import these into Rhino 5 for Windows in the usual fashion (see here if you don't know how). Otherwise, simply open them as a separate workspace.

Once open, you may copy the topmost button (MaqueTools) into your normal workspace. You may then close the MaqueTools main toolbar (if you don't want it open all the time) and use the copied button to recall it when needed. In V5, you can also dock the main toolbar as a tab if you are using the tabbed workspace.

Or, you may copy individual buttons or toolbars to your own workspace, or even edit the buttons and pull out the scripts behind. If you are copying scripts to change or pass on, please credit the original author - me - there are no scripts from other people in this set…

Why aren't there image icons for all the buttons?

I don't have the time to design and implement button images for all, but if anyone is interested, I will be happy to accept contributions of images for the next version. LOL

MicMacTools toolset

This is my first toolset designed to use with Rhino for Mac. As Rhino for Mac does not currently have the capabilities to import toolbars, I have designed this set to be alias-driven. If and when the Rhino for Mac interface becomes more adaptable, I may be able to create toolbars/menus…

Rhino for Windows users can also use this toolset if they prefer aliases to toolbars. It contains a somewhat smaller subset of MaqueTools. The main reason for the smaller set is that several functions available to Rhino for Windows have not yet been made accessible in Rhino for Mac. There are also a number of bugs that still fixed. New tools will be added as these items get fixed or hooked up.

What's in the MicMacTools collection?

Now available - for Mac Rhino V5.1 and higher!

MicMacToolsGuide (PDF) (over 80 tools currently)

How do I get it?
How do I install the collection?

In the downloaded .zip file, you will find a PDF file with a brief description of the tools, a folder named MMT with the entire script collection, and a text file named MMT_Aliases.txt which contains the aliases to be imported. The installation of these is currently more or less manual, but simple. Download and unzip the file to a location like your desktop. Have a quick read through the PDF to see what tools are included.

Move or copy the downloaded MMT folder (must be unzipped!) to the following location:

~/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/Scripts

(This is the default scripts folder for Mac Rhino.)

Note: Library is a hidden directory on the Mac. To get to it: Pull down the Go menu and then press the Alt key. You will see Library magically appear in the menu. From there, expand along the path above until you get to the Scripts folder, then drop the MMT folder inside. Do not put it anywhere else or the aliases will not execute the scripts. The MMT folder must be unzipped.

Now from inside Rhino, go to Rhinoceros>Preferences>Aliases, click the little down arrow next to the gearwheel at the bottom of the dialog, and choose Export Aliases. This is your backup. Save this file somewhere in case you want to remove all MicMacTools aliases. Then pull down the same menu from the gearwheel and choose Import aliases from file… Browse to the MMT_Aliases.txt file and click Open. All the MMT aliases will import.

Note: If you have already done this at least once, it will ask you if you want to overwrite the existing aliases. Answer yes if you are updating your MicMacTools installation. Importing the MMT aliases will not alter or delete any existing standard or custom aliases you already have - unless they happen to have the same name. If in doubt check the MMT PDF first. You may change the alias names if you want (don't change the path part!), but make sure you keep track of your changes. An update of the toolset will recreate the original names but leave your modified ones as well. If you don't want any of the tools, just remove the aliases via Preferences. You can leave the scripts in the MMT folder. They will do no harm and take up little space.

You should now be good to go! Try typing one or two of the aliases and see if they autocomplete. If they do and the script launches afterward, the install was successful.

These scripts have been tested to some degree, but you may encounter unforeseen bugs or problems. If you find any scripts that fail or do not do what they are supposed to do, please let me know so that I can correct them. Send an email with a description of the problem. Attach an example file if possible.

Notices of periodic updates to both the MaqueTools and MicMacTools toolsets will be posted to the main Rhino Forum. If you have requests for other tools, please post them there as well. I will see what I can do.

EULA for toolsets (PDF)


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