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 +====== Rhino V5 reports "Bad image" and won't start ======
 +Created September 2017 - JB
 +Attempting to start Rhino V5 reports "Rhino.exe - Bad image" (64-bit) or "Rhino4.exe - Bad image" (32-bit), with an Error status 0xc0000020.
 +The current version of **McAfee** antivirus is deleting the contents of Rhino system file leaving them empty.
 +Some users are reporting that after a recent update, Rhino V5 64-bit will not start. Our original guess was this was caused by an unknown Windows update. Now there are clear indications this is caused by the current version of **McAfee** anti-virus.\\
 +Windows pops up a message like this about a damaged file:
 +{{ :rhino:5:v5_bad_image.png |Rhino.exe - Bad Image}}
 +====The Fix====
 +===1 - Rhino  needs to be repaired===
 +In Windows Control Panel:
 +  - Run the Programs and Features tool
 +  - Find **Rhinoceros V5 (64-bit)** on the list
 +  - Select it and choose the **Repair** option
 +  - Find **Rhinoceros V5** on the list
 +  - Select it and choose the **Repair** option
 +    - If Windows reports "//The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable//", [[|download the installer]] and run it. If it asks, choose the **Repair** option.
 +===2 - Block McAfee===
 +The problem will likely come back if you do not block McAfee from the Rhino system files.
 +You can configure McAfee to exclude the **C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)\System** folder where these files are stored.\\
 +Hopefully McAfee will figure this out. So far, we have been unable to contact them with these details.