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   - Find **Rhinoceros V5** on the list   - Find **Rhinoceros V5** on the list
   - Select it and choose the **Repair** option   - Select it and choose the **Repair** option
- +    - If Windows reports ​"//The feature you are trying ​to use is on a network resource that is unavailable//"​, [[https://​​download/​rhino/​5/​latest|download the installer]] and run it. If it asks, choose the **Repair** option.
-> **Note:​** ​If Windows reports ​it can not find the MSI file to repair Rhino, [[https://​​download/​rhino/​5/​latest|download the installer]]and run it. If it asks, choose the **Repair** option.+
 ===2 - Block McAfee=== ===2 - Block McAfee===
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