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 +======Rhino for Windows====== 
 +[[|{{:rhino:win81.png?112|Rhino for Windows}}]][[|{{:rhino:rhino_symbol.png?164|Rhino for Windows}}]]
 +=====Information and knowledge in general=====
 +  * [[|Rhino Forum]] - Get answers from pro Rhino users, the McNeel support team, and the Rhino developers.
 +  * [[|Rhino 5 Community site]] - Get involved in the Rhino community.
 +  * [[|Rhino V4 running under Windows 7, 8.1, and 10]] - Rhino V4 was designed for Windows XP. How do I run V4 under a newer version of Windows?
 +  * [[faq|Frequently Asked Questions]] – Find the answers to problems and questions that come up regularly.
 +  * Windows won't let me **update the Intel display drivers**. It says the driver isn't validated for my computer. Here are two methods to work-around the problem and get updated drivers installed:
 +    * [[|Method 1]]
 +    * [[|Method 2]]
 +  * [[|Having display problems in V5?]]
 +  * Rhino V5 won't start. This problem could be bad display drivers or a bad plug-in. [[rhino:crashhelp|Here's what to do to narrow it down]].
 +  * Rhino won't start. [[rhino:200|License manager initialization failed with error -200]].
 +  * [[|Crashing on startup?]] - Bad video drivers or plug-ins may be causing Rhino to crash on startup. Here's how to find out.
 +  * Using a **docking station?** Set the laptop display to be the "Main Display" using Windows Display Settings.
 +  * [[|How do I send a Rhino crash report?]]
 +  * [[whitepapers|White papers]] - A list of in-depth discussions on a variety of technical tasks.
 +  * [[hiddensecrets|Rhino's hidden secrets]] - Dozens of tips and shortcuts from Rhino experts to facilitate common tasks and save you hours of time.
 +  * [[|Rhino 6 online help.]]
 +  * [[|Rhino 6 command list]] - A quick reference guide to all Rhino 6 commands.
 +  * [[|Rhino 5 online help.]]
 +  * [[|Rhino 5 command list]] - A list of all Rhino 5 commands with a description of what they do.
 +  * [[wishlist|Wish list]] - Think something is missing in Rhino? See if it's on the wish list.
 +  * [[opensource|Open source]] - Information about the open source code used by Rhino.
 +  * [[rhino:6:installproblems|Getting an MSI error code when installing Rhino?]] - Troubleshooting for system administrators installing Rhino V3, V4, V5 and V6 for Windows.
 +  * [[installingrhino|Deploying Windows Rhino]] - Techniques for **silent or scripted installs**, details of folders and registry, etc.
 +  * [[rhino:6:changelicensemethod|Changing Rhino V6 from one licensing method to another]] - Rhino V6 supports stand-alone, LAN Zoo, and Cloud Zoo licensing. Here's how to change from one method to another.
 +  * [[|Rhino 5 License Validation guide.]]
 +  * [[crashhelp|Diagnosing Rhino startup crashes]] - If Rhino fails to start on your computer, here are some things you can do to understand what is happening and fix the problem.
 +  * [[hardwarebaseline|Hardware guidelines for Rhino 5.]]
 +  * [[rhino:mac:home|Rhino for Mac]] - Information about Rhino 5 for Mac.
 +  * [[|Installing Rhino for OS X]] - A detailed guide for installing Rhino for Mac and entering your license key.
 +  * [[|How to change your Rhino for Mac license key]] - I purchased a new license for Mac Rhino. How do I enter it into my application?
 +  * [[renderpluginlist|Rendering in Rhino]] - Information on all the different rendering platforms available in Rhino (native and others).
 +  * [[workingwithotherapps|Using Rhino with other applications]] - Tips, tricks, and advice for using Rhino in conjunction with a various other applications. 
 +  * [[news://|Rhino Newsgroup, NNTP version]]. The newsgroup has been closed for posting. You can still read the archives with a news client.  For support please visit [[|the new Rhino web forum.]]
 +=====Models, tutorials, blogs, webinars, and other resources=====
 +  * [[modellinks|Models]] - A list of links to Rhino models on other web sites.
 +  * [[rhino:basicmacros|How to create macros]] - Tutorial for creating macros to automate/streamline your workflow
 +  * [[developer:macroscriptsetup|How to integrate macros/scripts into your workspace]] - Tutorial for set up, use and maintainance of your macros and scripts
 +  * [[developer:scriptspage|Macros, scripts, and plug-ins]] - Developer Docs.
 +  * [[toolbarpage|Custom toolbars]] - User-created toolbars for V3/V4. Custom buttons with macros and scripts for various applications.
 +  * [[workspaces|Custom work environments]] - A space for sharing your personal Rhino environment with others.
 +  * [[advanceddisplay|Advanced display modes]] - Supercharge Rhino 5's new display settings.
 +  * [[draftingpage|Hatch patterns and linetypes]] - A collection of hatch patterns, linetypes, dimensions, etc.
 +  * [[3ddigitizing|3D digitizing]] - A list of links to 3D digitizing related resources.
 +  * [[imagemaps|E-maps, materials, textures, etc.]] - A place to share your custom materials, environment maps, etc. with others.
 +  * [[tutoriallinks|Tutorials]] - A list of links to Rhino tutorials on other websites.
 +  * [[people:bobkoll|Teacher's wiki]] - A place to find lab tips and tricks, some classroom materials, etc.
 +  * [[|Rhino website.]]
 +  * [[|Rhino 3D Help]] - Website with quality tutorials, blueprints, and models.
 +  * [[|Webinars]] - Recorded webinars (Rhino Modeling, Rhino 5, plug-ins) and list of future webinars.
 +=====News, user stories, bios, etc.=====
 +  * [[rhino:customerstories:main|Customer stories]] - Read about how people use Rhino.
 +  * [[studentstories|Student stories]] - Read about students using Rhino.
 +  * [[rhinophiles|Hall of Fame]] - Are you a Rhino nut? Join the [[rhino:rhinophiles|RhinoPhiles]] club.
 +  * [[rhinohistory|The history of Rhino.]]
 +  * [[rhinoopportunities|Rhino experts]] - People with Rhino experience who are available for jobs or offering services.
 +=====Resources for Rhino V4=====
 +  * [[|Level 1 & 2 Classroom Training Guides and models.]]
 +  * [[|User's Guide.]]
 +  * [[|Curriculum Guide.]]
 +  * [[|Online help.]]
 +=====The Rhino Blog (recent posts)=====
 +{{rss> 6 date 6h }}