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 +====== V3 Rhino asks for a hardware lock ======
 +> **Comment:​** //When Rhino V3 is installed or run on a computer running in an Asian language, Rhino requires a hardware lock.  This was a requirement of our Asian distributors.//​
 +======You have a couple of options:​======
 +  * If you prefer to leave your Windows system in the Asian language, you will need a parallel or USB port hardware lock.  These are available from Robert McNeel & Associates. ​ They are included in V3 Rhinos intended to be sold in Asia.
 +  * The other option is to go into the Control Panel and run the Regional and Language Options applet. ​ Both the "​Standards and format"​ and the Advanced - "​Language for non-Unicode programs"​. need to be set to US English or another Western European language. ​ Rhino will no longer ask for a hardware lock.
 +|{{:​legacy:​en:​Standards.jpg}} |{{:​legacy:​en:​Non-Unicode.jpg}} |
 +> **Note:** //For Rhino V4, this hardware lock system was replaced with a license validation system.//
 +-John Brock
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