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 +====== Rhino 5.0 Status - Large Model Support ======
 +As Rhino matures, our customers are using it as the primary modeler for projects that have hundreds of models and terabytes of information. ​ We want to improve Rhino 5.0 so it is easier to use on large projects.
 +===== Details =====
 +Making Rhino work better on large projects involves adding improving several areas and features.
 +  * [[rhino5vstatus/​large_project_organization|About Large Project Organization in Rhino 5.0]]
 +  * Improve training and documentation so customers can easily see the different ways Rhino can be used for large projects.
 +  * Improve worksessions so the active model can be more quickly changed and it is clear to the user how they work and what they are for.
 +  * [[rhinov5status_blocks|Improve linked block support.]]
 +  * [[rhinov5status_filefinding|Improve finding other files a model or worksession might references to reduce the number of times Rhino has to ask you help it locate a particular file.]]
 +  * Improve display speed and reduce memory usage.
 +    * [[rhinov5status_extrusions|Lightweight Extrusion Objects]]
 +  * Improve meshing speed.
 +    * [[rhinov5status_meshing|Meshing Improvements]]
 +Back to [[rhinov5status|Rhino 5.0 Status]] ​  
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