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 +===== Problem: Moved Textures Not Found=====
 +  * In Rhino, moving textures from one drive to another causes them to be not found by the built-in Rhino render. ​
 +  * Adding the drive letter to the search path does not reset them, because it does not seach in the subfolders.
 +===== Solution: =====
 +This plugin will let you pick a new folder. It will search that entire folder (recursively,​ all the sub-folders) for the textures, and do that for every missing texture. It will search for color texture, bump, transparency,​ and bump files. When you save the file, all the new paths will be changed to found location. ​
 +=== Works in Rhino 4 Only ===
 +To use the attached plugin do the following:
 +  - Download and unzip the attached **[[http://​​mcneel/​plug-in/​|]]** into the //​C:​\Program Files (x86)\Rhinoceros 4.0\Plug-ins//​ folder or //​C:​\Program Files\Rhinoceros 4.0\Plug-ins//​.
 +  - Drag and Drop RemapTextures.rhp from File Explorer on to the open Rhino application
 +  - Open file whose textures can not be found
 +  - Type **RemapTextures**,​ navigate to new drive and folder.
 +  - It will report to the Text Screen (F2) which textures were remapped and what textures were not found.
 +Email comments to [[|Max Fugier]].
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