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-====== Tips and tricks for using Rhino in conjunction ​with a variety of other applications ​======+======Working with Other Apps====== 
 +>Tips and tricks for using Rhino with a variety of other applications ​
 **[[http://​​s3/​mcneel/​misc/​docs/​RhinoToRevitWorkflow_SimplyRhinoUK.pdf|Rhino to/from Revit Workflow]]** **[[http://​​s3/​mcneel/​misc/​docs/​RhinoToRevitWorkflow_SimplyRhinoUK.pdf|Rhino to/from Revit Workflow]]**
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 **[[rhino:​cncmilling|Design to milling]]** **[[rhino:​cncmilling|Design to milling]]**
-//Steps to get your 2D or 3D model data to your CNC mill//+//Steps to get your 2D or 3D model data to your CNC mill.//
 **[[rhino:​exporttolaser|Laser cutting information]]** **[[rhino:​exporttolaser|Laser cutting information]]**
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